Talking Halo 3, And What Comes After Halo 3, With Bungie

Kotaku sat down with Bungies' "man of the people" Frank O'Connor, along with game designer Lars Bakken to talk about Halo 3, talk about Halo 3's Forge, talk about microstransactions, downloadable content, boss battles, what they're up to in the impending post-Halo 3 world. Basically, talk about a whole lotta things...

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Says you4056d ago

And time to work in some other game.

beavis4play4056d ago

why would it be obvious? bungie is a one-trick pony-name another successful title they have ever done. if they're smart, they will keep milking this franchise. it's the only noteworthy first party game ms has, so if bungie keeps churning out games in this series, xbots will buy them because choice is limited.

SuperSaiyan44056d ago

It sounds they learnt from what went wrong because the last end boss was a stupid boss.

HALO 1 ending was one of the best endings I have ever come across.

Ares844056d ago

...I'm starting to like it! Oh well...just 2-3 more years and I can play it on my PC. :D

BIadestarX4056d ago

Do you know how many games can be released in 2 years... WOW! I do admire you patience.... You see.. PC gamer just got Halo 2.... when XBox 360 gamers will get Halo 3... I can't even imagine what we will playing when you are playing Halo 3 on the PC.

Rooted_Dust4056d ago

The inverse of that is also true BladeStar. What games will we PC gamers be playing when Halo 3 finally becomes available to us? Games that will make it look as drab to us as Halo 2 seems now?

SuperSaiyan44056d ago

Awww come on now hehehe you know you wanna play it on the 360 :-P

Ares844056d ago

I really don't want to get the's jsut to unreliable!

Daxx4056d ago

Well Peter Jackson is working on something (besides the Halo movie) so I can't wait to see that.

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The story is too old to be commented.