Photos Of Japan’s PlayStation Concept Stores

While Sony closed the PlayStation Store in the US, there are two flagship concept stores in Japan.

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ChronoJoe2993d ago

Some of the Sony style stores in Europe have the best store layouts/designs I've ever seen.

GiNJAXL2993d ago

... sweet.. yet another video game related store in JAPAN... awesooome... yaaaaay... this is news, WHY?

inbetweener2993d ago

because some of us gamers live here?

SprSynJn2993d ago

And I will have to visit the one in Ikebukuro when I get a chance.

ChronoJoe2993d ago

Wouldn't matter if we don't live there.

If Sony build a Sony store on teh moon, I would want to know about that too, and wouldn't mind pictures of it's interior layout. They aren't just any stores either, look at the interior... so well designed. I think it's fun to look at.

And of course, finally. The topic is well titled, don't click it next time if you don't care about it.

mrdxpr22993d ago

wow how i wish they had a playstation store here in pr :( sad .. be in there on days lol.. buy all my games there ;). unless they freaking expensive like sony style they are ridiculous

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