Sony Confirms PS3 FW 3.42 Adds Security

PS.Blog writes: "Hi everyone! A minor update to your PS3 system is now available via system software update v3.42 that includes additional security features. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 system, please visit the PS3 System Updates page."

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CombatEvolving3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Just like that Geo guy, right? I loved the shit talking, only to have his work wreak havoc right after he left.

Being pissed off was justified, but the shit about him losing and being a fucking failure was a big mistake, so many people looked dumb after that.

commodore643025d ago

Yes, Sony wins.

All the people that wanted to use the JB but were dumb enough to update their console have lost - that much is clear.

A phyrric victory?

Karooo3025d ago

you know PS3 sales will increase a lot, so hope the JB fails for your 360 fanboy sake

Red_Orange_Juice3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Nobody wins, it's Round 3 now

mac_sparrow3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


If you can say the same thing in more than one article then I guess I can too. YIPPEE! Ahem, here goes:

Genius Commodore, simply genius. Lucky for you I'm here to administer a little surgery.

I can't believe you used the word pyrrhic to describe this.

Tell me, what devastating casualties for which the phrase was coined have Sony suffered thus far?
Ah yes, you mean the millions of consoles already running this? Or the millions of devices sold? Or the admittedly funny but likely also currently defunct ps3 calculator hack?

As is you need to wait and see, while unlikely to be either it is just as valid at this unknown stage to announce it a flawless victory (Mortal Kombat stylee). Oh and in case you think I'm trying to say that, by equally, I mean also ridiculous.

Achievement Unlocked
Head, arse, separated. Surgery Complete!
10G (It wasn't worth more).

Oh and it's pyrrhic, if you want to sound clever then check the spelling of the word that you also linked to the wiki of in one comment. Kinda helps. And before you asked I know the word, used it in the first of a work in progress trilogy of novels over a year ago. Thanks for the link though, makes it easier to laugh at you.

Holy personal attack Commodore!


Feel free to point out any mistakes I've made, as I have said before I'm not infallible, but I try not to have my head too far up my arse Com.

morganfell3025d ago

Geohot was a failure.

And it is laughable to listen to the same people that claim cross game chat is a defining feature also state how multiplayer and going on line are suddenly no longer important. You can't have it both ways.

gtamike3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Geohot a failure nope, we give alot of information about the PS3 to hackers to take to the next stage.

No stopping the hackers now.

morganfell3025d ago

Let me also add that Geohot was also a quitter. It is possible he received a very firm contact from Sony's lawyers. If he continues to stay silent as he has through this little incident then I would say that confirms matters.

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sikbeta3024d ago

too bad for pirates, but hey, all of their hopes are not lost, just don't update and LOSE PSN and the Amazing Upcoming lineup of games and more games for years to come and so on...

Zeevious3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

What shit-talking? No one ever looked dumb for pointing out a fake is a fake.

You are completely wrong...I never pointed him out as being a loser or being a fucking failure...those are all PAST TENSE...he IS a loser and IS a fucking failure.

Get it right before you claim I'm wrong.

This entire "hack" is nothing but lame-ass wish-I-was-A-hacker's GIVING UP and STEALING the same dongle/encryption key built into everything worth one...the PS3 included, for debug, encryption, system access and default system functions, in EVERYTHING you own.

Please...Don't believe me...Try searching "Windows NT NSA Key" in a little thing that ends in *OOGLE and starts with a G.

No one has hacked the PS3, NO ONE. Your little laugh at those who made fun of someone laughable has backfired. GeoFAKE is a fake, that's why he "retired" from his fake memory swap "hack" that goes no where and is ROM-Swap cartridge tech to his PHOTOSHOPPED "Hello World" then "retirement" - READ - EMBARASSMENT for I and others calling him out for the pathetic moron he is.

The remaining kiddie-script "hackers" stole a USB debug access dongle from a dev/support center...cloned it, and claimed "hack" hack" "hackitty-hack" when nothing ever was.

This is DESIGNED to function this way. The PS3 reads the key, startup routine, and is DESIGNED to do EXACTLY what it does! It's done it since day 1...since before that with Dev machines, just like the FBI/DHS/NSA USB dongles, just like the system mode/En-control on your phone, just like the blah blah BLAH blah blah...

Also designed from day 1 to be circumvented with a minor firmware update altering registered keys...Gee...WHAT JUST HAPPENED? 3.4.2

Please claim the pathetic cry of "Homebrew" again for me...because you never fucking used it once when every emulator, every bit of homebrew you ever wanted was in the machine under Linux for THREE FUCKING YEARS and virtually no one used it!

Me? I still have a personal 60 gig set aside with Linux on it and pre-firmware updated, and Sony still fully supports them for research use.

Do me a favor...go run and tell GeoFake he IS a loser, code-stealing flake and we're all still waiting for that code dump, hello-world program (and not the flakes fake .PSD file) and an ACTUAL hack!

...and load some actual homebrew while your at it...

oh -- just kidding.

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Dragun6193025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"Hi everyone! A minor update to your PS3 system is now available via system software update v3.42 that includes additional security features."

Notes "Security Features"

First banning the products in Australia then delivering a quick firmware to block it.
Hopefully, this Hacks/Piracy for the PS3 Talk can stop. It's starting to get annoying especially with articles on how you can hack a PS3 with a Calculator. Like Really? What's next, Hack a PS3 with a Blow Dryer?

@Combat Evolving
Geo deserved the shit talking he received. It's because of his work that Sony had to Remove the Other OS.

Yeah, and how will those people that haven't updated play online? I bet that even if these hackers get around it, it will only ended up with Sony banning them from online along with another firmware update. They will only end up in a never ending cycle.

badz1493025d ago

if your blow dryer has internal flash memory and some sort of USB interface, then YES!

joke aside, I hate it when pirates also play online! they don't deserve to!

Immortal Kaim3025d ago

Oh man, they apparently already have a workaround to stay online with 3.41. Man these guys are quick...

shoddy3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

it won't affect software much cause you have to be legit to safely play online.

people will have 2 ps3.

the thing I hate about hacking my system is waiting for hacker to haxk the new update. Sometime takes months.

I'm waiting to hack my 6.02fw psp. Yep no 6.02 hack yet.

CountDracula3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


dead_eye3025d ago

lasted longer than microsoft and nintendo jib112592

Holeran3024d ago

Sonys going to loose the war? Loose really

AssassinHD3024d ago

If I were a gambling man I would bet that the troll's initials are "JLG" and that he was born on November 25, 1992. That would put him in his senior year of High School at minimum. It is a shame he is immature enough to think that there is an actual war going on, to say nothing of the fact that he feels the need to type in all caps in order to get attention.

djfullshred3024d ago

There is no war. It's just part of doing business for an electronics company to keep breaking the hacks shortly after they come out.

You know who has a harder time keeping technical secrets than electronics companies? Hackers. They ensure their hacks have limited shelf life by spamming the entire Internet with the technical details.

Skizelli3024d ago

Actually, there is a war, and it's been going on since as early as the 13th century. Battles will be won by people trying to stop piracy, but they will never win the war. Maybe when people stop killing each other and Hell freezes over, but don't hold your breath.

Furthermore, why do people keep calling these individuals "hackers"? Educate yourselves.

djfullshred3024d ago

I find this war hyperbole to be pretentious & ridiculous. Nobody is dying here.

Some of these nerds really live in lala land. Seriously.

Skizelli3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Here, since you clearly don't know all the definitions of the word.


And the nerd insult was cute, but ineffective. Try again.

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gta28003024d ago

Good for Sony. I'd like to see these hackers homes or cars get broken into and have all their crap ransacked so they can see how it feels to get stolen from. Freakin bums. Go get a job if you can't afford games. "I have a job, but games are too expensive for me" Freakin bum, get a better job.

kraze073024d ago

Hacking and stealing are too different things. When someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff you probably aren't going to get whatever they took back, but hackers give pirates the means to just play illegal *copies* of games. The way put it it sounds as if these pirates are stealing the copyrighted plans to some secret console Sony has in the works.

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Godchild10203025d ago

I'm Glad this is slightly over for now, i believe its wrong and it's crazy that people are getting mad that Sony has blocked it form happening.( I dont know about members on this site)

cyborg3025d ago

who are pirating low-lives belief this is wrong on the part of Sony, as for us PS3 fans, this is welcome news indeed. Atleast we feel happier that pirates are not as lucky as us and can't use their ps3 like it's meant to be used anymore...coz well they are fkking pirates!!! :D

Silly gameAr3025d ago

Stop taunting these people. It could come back to bite you in the ass like it did them.

ravinash3025d ago

I just think about all those poor suckers who paid for a jailbreak and just ended up wasting their money....and then I smile to myself.

Skizelli3024d ago

If you read more than just the title, you'd learn that there's a way to prevent the "mandatory" update from updating your system.

Kamikaze1353025d ago

Yeah, I didn't think they would release an update so quick lol

spunnups3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I'm willing to bet Sony has a special ops team that seaks out these hackers and jailbreakers. I bet they knew about this before we did.

In the end, Sony and the developers lose if they allow these things to continue. The PS3 is only $300, and u want free games too?!

younglj013025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

And i cant blieve there are people glad that some1 made tha PS3jailbreak.If u is happy about it then in my eyes you is a loser and shouldnt have any console.

Hacking is bad for business no matter what console is being haked.Because tha only people is hurting are tha people that buy their games.Why do ya'll think games went up to $60?

Start thinking like a human-being instead of like a asshole fanboy.

Why o why3025d ago


but i get your point

ZombieNinjaPanda3024d ago


So what about people who want to run homebrew and emulators? Are they losers? Or do you not even know what homebrew and emulation is?

The ps3 is a pretty powerful machine, maybe Sony should release an 'official' homebrew package or something along those lines, who knows. That way people wouldn't have to hack, and they could emulate all those old games that cannot be gotten anymore.

jerethdagryphon3024d ago

actually i think they should release a hombrew programming kit at least then they have some control over what can be made

by that i mean stop loading of backup ps3 games