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"Before Sora and Rikku were entitled to hold the rank of Keyblade Master, a story that will unveil the past wielder of the blades will finally be told in Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Taking place prior to the events of the first Kingdom Hearts game, fans can finally uncover the identity of Xehanort and the mystery that surrounds the characters of the first game. Could the three characters somehow be connected to the first game?" - JPS

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ShadyDevil3023d ago

I love Kingdom Hearts. I can't wait for this game.

MattyF3023d ago

Sounds like a solid entry of the series. I wonder if anyone out there actually has a full understanding of the storyline now. I hope SE doesn't go too nuts with these side-stories and games.

3023d ago
xGrunty3023d ago

It's a great game guys! Pick it up definitely!

Btw to all who want to fix load times go into the game config and change the game mode to accellerated, also you can make it load off the disc and the install data for even faster load times! Once I found out about this I cut almost all load times by more than half. I have no complaints anymore :3