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JhawkFootball062788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The exploit only worked on firmware 3.41 anyways. So It might be just a simple update to the shellcode/payload/memory address's to the jailbreak for it to work on 3.42

Why this disagrees? In the next couple of days you will see an article saying "PSJailbreak ported to 3.42"

goldensfree2788d ago

tho like jhawk said might not even be meant ta disable the hack...

blitz06232788d ago

Well that didn't take long. But Sony knows these hackers are persistent. They're gonna find a new way for PSJ to work... and get screwed over by another FW update.

Method2788d ago

If you have to ask why you're getting disagrees you're a complete idiot.

People click the disagree button because they disagree with your statement. This is how the system works.

darkdoom30002788d ago

wrong kiddo. PS jailbreak guys claimed that it would work on all firmwares. Well... all I can say is... Good job sony.

OhReginald2788d ago

So if say say the sun is in the middle of the solar system I will not get disagrees?

SilentNegotiator2788d ago

It probably is just a temporary solution, but for now....T-bag time.

I guess you'll just have to make firmwares more often, eh, Sony?
*Gets in face with a grin*

e1ace2788d ago

Someone posted a link to a new update for PSJailbreak and PSGroove. The link has been removed now.

Theoneneo812788d ago

To all those idiots who paid money for the JB all i have to say is Bwah ha ha ha ha.

DelbertGrady2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Great news! No chance at all of getting backwards compability now. What will be next? Will they remove the internet browser? Will the video channel say it's last goodbye? Find out in the next firmware downgr...update!

sikbeta2788d ago

Muahahaha.... there goes the pirates dream....

kneon2788d ago

It may not be that simple, remember the hackers didn't actually hack the PS3, they just put it in debug mode using a supported, but not publicly available method. It's quite possible that Sony have permanently disabled this capability. If that's the case then they will actually have to try and hack it next time.

sikbeta2787d ago

Boo-hoo for pirates, seems like the dream is over...

DarkFantasy2787d ago

It only Dose Stopping pirates... ARHHHH!!!
Now swab The Deck you Crusty liver smelling scallywags!! ARHHH!!!

hikayu2787d ago

more like : Sony 1 , PSJ : 1 and gamers: -1

psj won 1 point for hacking the "unhackable"
sony win 1 point for blocking it , even if it's temporarily
gamers get -1 because we lost otherOS and times updating these meaningless updates .

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CrazyForGames2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

im not gonna celebrate about this i mean chances are they are gonna turn it around we have seen it so many times already

i can already see this turning into some sort of back and forth thing

doesn't really matter since jailbreak or no jailbreak nothing was gonna change for me anyways

deadreckoning6662788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The Internet Browser seems faster. Culd just be me though.

zoks3102788d ago

About time, now pre install this in ever new ps3 and watch the hackers go nuts wasting their time trying to keep up.

Playerz82788d ago

Finally! Sick of hearing bout this crap.

EYEamNUMBER12788d ago

uh technically speaking your going to hear even more about it now

Naughty Dog2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

This is good but within 24hrs I think we will be seeing an article like " PSJailbreak now works on 3.42", I hope not.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well, is software, so they can change the Software for a different purpose which is the Firmware. Until Sony implement a software for the purpose to make unusable the Software (the Hacks) and not only changing the version of the Firmware.

But there are other good news.

PS3 is still not hacked via Hardware, which is what Geohot was doing and fail doing that. This all stuff is via software.

commodore642788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Yes, I think we can bet money on that.

If Sony has disabled the JB, then they certainly seem to have won a battle.

However, the hackers are probably already at work sorting out how to overcome this firmware update for new revisions of JB.

As such, Sony's victory is really a phyrric Victory.

mac_sparrow2788d ago

Genius Commodore, simply genius. Lucky for you I'm here to administer a little surgery.

I can't believe you used the word pyrrhic to describe this.

Tell me, what devastating casualties for which the phrase was coined have Sony suffered thus far?
Ah yes, you mean the millions of consoles already running this? Or the millions of devices sold? Or the admittedly funny but likely also currently defunct ps3 calculator hack?

As is you need to wait and see, while unlikely to be either it is just as valid at this unknown stage to announce it a flawless victory (Mortal Kombat stylee). Oh and in case you think I'm trying to say that, by equally, I mean also ridiculous.

Achievement Unlocked
Head, arse, separated. Surgery Complete!
10G (It wasn't worth more).


24 hours? Common PS3s are no longer capable to work in debug/dev mode. Those "crackers" will have to buy their way in to another back door, maybe they can steal from Sony again as they can't actually crack it, but I'm pretty sure they will need a "bit" more than 24 hours... LOL

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Method2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Indeed. Sony are much faster than MS and Nintendo on anti-piracy.

GraySnake2788d ago

look what happened to the psp....

Immortal3212788d ago

the future is toooooo digital.

bobcostus2788d ago

Rofl that was fast! Show those pirates Sony! Fuckin' pirates stealin' and plunderin'...

Death24942788d ago

people are worried about playing ps2 backups. This is where being an early adopter really pays off. While those who used PSjailbreak to play ps2 games, long after this hack is dead and gone I (60gig ps3 owner) can still play them. Sony didn't consider it a threat until the recent news about playing ps2 and psone games came out. I'm updating right now without having to worry about losing my backwards compatibility.

Off topic: This isn't the first we've seen of this kind of hack. It was a coffee shop in Korea if i'm not mistaken that claimed that they were running ps3 backups off the internal HDD. I remember it having a red "Z" on the cover of the disc. It also came with a usb drive and they were selling it for about the same as the Jailbreak.

SephireX2788d ago

PS3 doesn't play PS2 games as well as PS2 and 60gb covers only about 90% of the games. Plus they can't be played from the HD so Jailbreak wins there I'm afraid. Also, most people don't have 60gb PS3s. There are more people in the world besides you.

BLuKhaos2788d ago

Actually it's the PAL 60GB PS3's that can't play all PS2 games, the NA/JP 60giggers can play all PS2 games since they have both the CPU and the GPU unlike the PAL version which only has the PS2's GPU onboard.

TrailerParkSupervisr2788d ago

So if say say the sun is in the middle of the solar system I will not get disagrees?

I would disagree because the sun is not in the exact center of the solar system. It wobbles a little.

xAlmostPro2788d ago

agreed it was well played by not announcing the update, and seeing how there actually is NO homebrew apps as of yet, lets see how many people just update out of boredom from waiting for a good homebrew app lol..

also now sony know EXACTLY how the exploit is done, so as hackers try to make another one sony are probably already one step ahead of the new hacker :)

SephireX2788d ago

People who have gotten jailbreak already can still profit from it because they can easily buy a cheap pre-owned PS3 for online play. Sure they won't be able to play the free games they get online but most games have most of their value offline. Example: Infamous, God of War 3, GT5, Demon Souls etc...
When Jailbreak developers said compatible with all firmwares, they obviously meant all existing firmwares. When they said that, 3.42 didn't exist. Its good that Sony has reacted quickly but the hackers will keep striking until Sony changes the low level code which may never happen.

Christopher2787d ago

Yeah, works great for old games and games in the next two months. But, after that, you know games are going to come with 3.42 on the disc and required to play them.

BARF2788d ago

the hackers will figure it out again. its only a matter of time.

Biggest2788d ago

I wonder if it'll be another 4 years. LOL!

Christopher2787d ago

Now we'll see if the hackers have truly hacked the source code or if all of this hullabaloo is over code that no one has even accessed yet.

gta28002787d ago

These hackers are annoying. It's too bad the same laws don't apply like when someone breaks into your house. "You loot, I shoot" lol. Cause they're basically breaking into the PS3 and stealing games. Freakin bums lol.

JsonHenry2787d ago

Yeah, it will just be updated again and again. And Sony will patch it again and again. Rinse, repeat.

Who cares? such a small amount of people pirate console games anyway I doubt it will make much of a difference in total sales.

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tiamat52788d ago ShowReplies(1)
WetN00dle692788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I smell a patch by pass soon.
Dont really care since i dont plan on using the jailbreak.

EYEamNUMBER12788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

EDIT: oops wrong post

ingiomar2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


Hackerz can't be stopped once they find a weakness

Resources are irrelevant when it comes to hacking..

BeAGamer2788d ago

Hackers are low life losers.

8-bit2788d ago

That's where you are wrong BeAGamer.. Hackers and Pirates are two completely different things. Game pirates are low life losers, Hackers just want to get the most out of their hardware in fact..

One way to define the term hack is to find or create a new use for a product that it wasn't intended for. So technically using a key as a screw driver can be referred to as a "Hack"

SilverSlug2788d ago

...... really? Judging a group of people without even knowing them..

Pretty ignorant comment.

2788d ago
djfullshred2788d ago

People like me that work in IT, view hackers as equally low as pirates. And because I work for a financial company, anyone getting caught trying to hack us will have a nice vacation in Federal prison.

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jmare2788d ago

Did you stop to think of how Sony stopped it? If Sony disabled the USB ports during startup until after the OS is running, then the hack is now useless. Every version of this hack uses the same procedure and if that procedure is disrupted, then bye bye Jailbreak.

CrAnKiTuP_012788d ago

I didn't think of that!
+ Intelligence bubbles

SilverSlug2788d ago

Easy fix. Since you have to boot it in debug mode upon boot.

What about devs, don't they need debug mode? Or is this for people that fix PS3s?

I assume the later.

PirateThom2788d ago

Devs have debug units. They would need this on retail PS3s.

darkdoom30002788d ago

These 'hackers' didnt do any real HACKING.

They just obtained a USB device that sony repair centers use to restore consoles. and just mass produced it.

Hackers? more like theives.

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MGRogue20172788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Job well done Sony, You've done us all proud! :P

CaptainMarvelQ82788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

they could've waited longer so that people buy ps3 for jailreaking
then update! and boom! ,look at all the money

XXXCouture2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

you just noticed the difference between ms and sony