Final Fantasy XIII heading to Xbox 360 in Japan

Looks like the rumors were true, a leak of the upcoming issue of Japanese Dengeki Magazine confirms that Final Fantasy XIII is heading to the Xbox 360 in Japan.

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Light Yagami2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Yes. Finally! Versus XIII next please :)

PoorMansGT2997d ago

why would you want versus? another 3 disk game with sub hd and completely inferior version...

lowcarb2997d ago

So ps3 gamers should only purchase exclusives then correct? I mean why on earth would they purchase an inferior version time and time again. lol

-Alpha2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

"why would you want versus?"

Maybe because they may enjoy the game and not have a PS3?

Inferior? Likely, but if you select games based on anything else but your ability to enjoy them then you are really missing out. Just because a game is inferior doesn't make it a bad game. I recall games like Bayonetta selling to consumers on the PS3.

ShinMaster2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Your comment had nothing to do with what he said.
Last time I checked, FFXIII was superior on PS3.

*And if PS3 was the initial and lead platform using Blu-ray, we would get a Final Fantasy XIII-like result with every multi-platform game.

kaveti66162997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

shinogino, he was implying that all multiplats on the ps3 are inferior to the 360 counterparts.

ShinMaster2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I read what he said.
It's still off the subject. This was about FF being inferior on 360, not whatever other multiplat games he may be referring to.

kaveti66162997d ago

shingino, you know what a deflection is. everyone uses it in conversations. it's a defensive mechanism.

bakasora2997d ago

Though I dont like the idea but this is signs to show that FFv13 is heading to X360. Screw Wada!!

Dragun6192997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I really don't see how this is gonna sell in japan when you already sold 2 million plus copies on the PS3 and it has already dropped to the Bargain bin for a price range around $30 when the standard price was $90.


@Light Yagami

All I see is Square Enix testing how well their Jrpgs will fare on the Xbox 360 in japan for the Fourth Time. *Infinte Undicovery, Last Remnant, & Star Ocean 4. And It could also be the deciding factor to leave FFXIII Versus as a PS3 Exclusive in Japan and hopefully everywhere else. I really want to see them push the PS3 and deliver a better Final Fantasy than XIII.

Dance2997d ago

something ps3 owners are well use to

gaffyh2997d ago

Most...pointless...thing...eve r, Square Enix use your money to do something useful, this will sell like crap unless it actually has new content.

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PoorMansGT2997d ago

@lowcarb- you mad. ps3 never got a 3 disk game at least. also why switch the subject that ff 13 is inferior on RROD?

bustamove2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Wow, 360 fanboys have been on a roll lately. From bashing GT5 to this. Who cares if it's going to the 360? It already sold on the PS3.

2997d ago
97gsx2997d ago

Mass effect was a exclusive franchise of few the 360 had. FF13 has already been released on the 360. The surprise factor is different here. Its more like why bother.

fr0sty2997d ago

Both Japanese 360-only owners can now finally play it! The rest will be busy playing the real game on PS3, not that sub-HD disc swapping rushed port.

Newtype2997d ago

The 3 Japanese owners?

StarCSR2997d ago

I have the PS3 version and a friend of mine has the 360 version and to be honest: You have to be Clark Kent to spot the difference on our HDTV.

GigaGaia2997d ago

Too bad, Versus 13 isn't going to 360.

ZBlacktt2997d ago

You can have it, it sucks...... So boring. Oh and you still have the cut back and scaled down version due to DVD. But you'll fall asleep after the first few hours of total liner playing.

vhero2997d ago

The article says FF13 not versus though... Am I missing something?? I am talking about the magazine of course..

SaiyanFury2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Is anyone really surprised? I was on the fence about FFXIII for a long time and when I read about how so many RPG features were cut I decided not to get it. Now that Versus is going to the 360, I won't act surprised at all. Sure S-E, bring it to another console and whore yourselves out. Just another game I won't be getting. God, I miss Squaresoft's days on the original PlayStation. I'm not a PS fanboy, I'm a JRPG lover of the good old days when Squaresoft was a developer and not Square-Enix, the corporation not hell-bent on sales.

WildArmed2997d ago

I'm glad Japan is getting Ff13 360 treatment.
Wasn't fair that the REST of the world got FF13 on both consoles, while they isolated the small 360 FF fanbase.

btw, I can't wait for TGS!
I wanna see some badass FF13VS footage!

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LordMarius2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Yay for the 3 people who want this

Wildarmsjecht2997d ago

Because you REALLY have to wonder...Why? We're talking a major difference in platform favoritism in Japan. When 360 RPGs get ported over the PS3 in Japan, they sell reasonably well because more people have/prefer the PS3 over the 360 there. It;s not the same thing reversed SE.

I'm...just flabbergasted.

Godmars2902997d ago

Its just that Square wants to pander to MS. They want to do well in the West, have some issue with Sony and believe the 360 is the best way to do it.

Mostly, its just Wada thinking that.

Wildarmsjecht2997d ago

Wada is a moron. And that's not based off of your reasoning. I just think he's a moron completely.

I don't expect this to sell well at all. Maybe 25-75k? But that doesn't help MS because it lets more Japanese Devs see that not even the almighty Final Fantasy (as crap as 13 was to some people) can sell well on the platform in the land of the rising sun. If SE wants to pander to MS, create a joint game. But be upfront about your actions. Don't make a game that is supposed to go to all platforms and instead hasn't (Last Remnant anyone?)

What happened to the company that gave me Vagrant Story, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Threads of Fate and so many more. It's enough to make a gamer of the past shake their heads, look at their old nes/snes cartridges and Ps1/2 cds and sigh.

blackpanther252997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

lets all be happy that those trash games went to the 360. The last remnant was totally unplayable and I played the PC version with a Pc that runs crysis on the highest setting.

Wada is a would think after releasing Infinite Discovery(or whatever its called) and getting low sales, that they would have let go of the 360.

Lost Odessey (to me one of the best JRPGs on 360 and not a SE game) didn't even sell a lot in japan and that was from the original creator of final fantasy

Now FF13 sold almost 2 million if not more on the ps3. Everybody and their mama is running to the ps3. I bet Resonance of fate would have been a 360 exclusive if vesperia didn't bomb as bad as it did

97gsx2997d ago

Wada is extremely stupid instead of releasing something to coincide with the release of gt5 that will bring a huge influx of new owners to the ps3. They decide to release something for the 360............ Seriously square-enix is dying a sloooww death.

Immortal Kaim2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

WTF is wrong with you people, who cares if it's going to Japan on the 360? Its not like they have to spend any/much money on producing it, it's essentially the NA version with an easy mode. They will still make money from it.

@ Wildarmsjecht (great name by the way)

Changing subtitltes and menus is not an expensive process, they don't have to compress anything or change cutscenes, this is the english dub. Plus don't be surprised if this ends up as an 'international edition' or extra stuff is added. Either way it's a nice gesture to the (admittedly) few 360 owners who don't already own a PS3 with FFXIII. As Godmars alluded to, it also sets up a likely reveal of Versus XIII on 360...

Wildarmsjecht2997d ago

It's all about trying to understand a company who has done quite a few things that differs from it's illustrious past.

And no, they still have to spend money on this. They'll have to add the japanese dialogue from the PS3 version, make sure the audio synchs up correctly and compresses properly as well as print those discs, the casing, possibly market it again, etc. Why do you think its coming out in December and not tomorrow? It's not so easy, and its still money put into it. Whether or not they make money from that is all based on sales.

thelifatree2997d ago

No they won't have to spend more because it's english dialogue... all they have to use is the US version plus subtitles. And if they want to add extra things.

97gsx2997d ago

I doubt for a second that s-e is paying for localization. Microsoft is paying for this plus interest.But I doubt Microsoft has any choice in the matter. They have zero jrpgs coming anytime soon. Halo and Gears don't sell in japan. Honestly when was the last big exclusive game that the 360 had for japanese consumers? I doubt any japanese publisher will favor the 360 anymore after lackluster sales.

Godmars2902997d ago

As bad as it sounds, its a strong indicator of XIIIvs going to the 360 as well. Just hope it doesn't become limited in the process.

Yeah, the Square that made games for gamers is gone. This is the one that wants money.

StarCSR2997d ago

Welcome to the 21nd century!

Darrius Cole2997d ago

I agree...The story is in the WHY. Why would they do this? What do they expect to gain?

Well I just hope that Versus doesn't go multi-plat. I am playing FFXIII right now and I see what everybody was talking about.

Minor Spoilers

I just made it to Grand Pulse and it is like I am playing a different game all of a sudden.

DrDreadlox2997d ago

There is almost nothing to gain with this move. I HIGHLY doubt that there is a serious gamer in Japan that only owns an XBox and not a ps3. And I'm almost sure that all fans of the series have already rushed out and bought the game for ps3.

The only logical explanation is that MS will cover the cost of releasing it. Now I know that "M$ paid..." gets thrown around a lot on here, but think about this; why would money hungry Wada do this with so little to gain?

Schobeleth2997d ago

It leaves me scratching my head too. Now we can all be fearful of Versus XIII going multiplatform out of greed, over quality of the end product. Sure they can sell more across multiple platforms, but does that mean the game will be as good as it could have been? No. It has to be compromised to be equal across all aspects, both strengths and weaknesses of both consoles.

The major factor here is what Wildarmsjecht said, the PS3 is the dominant "hardcore" console in Japan and Asia and thusly the platform to put RPGs, most especially JRPGs on. The 360 has never been RPG friendly, most especially JRPG friendly because the majority of it's install base is in the USA, also noteworthy is the fact that the majority of it's install base are shooter and sports fans (the sales reflect this).

So, why on Earth would a (for the most part) RPG developer/publisher put a JRPG on a console where it will sell a fraction of what the PS3 sales will be? Why don't they just develop it exclusively, without the limits of multiplatform development, and make it seriously shine and easily attract MORE people to buy it because of how much it shines as opposed to how much was nixed or downgraded to make disc swapping easier, or video RAM more manageable, and so on.

If they announce Versus XIII as a multiplatform title at any time before development is done, you can say goodbye to any hopes it's the saving grace we're all hoping for. It too will hit the cutting board to make sure PS3 owners aren't getting anything extra or better.

Godmars2902997d ago

Like Wildarmsjecht said: may as well ask why they're doing this, something no one outside of MS actively asked for, while the PS3 version of Last Remnant is still on most wanted lists with no indication that Square is doing anything about that.

blackpanther252997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

They might want to see how much of a damand there is for a 360 final fantasy game in japan. SE has published a few of jrpgs for the 360 in japan and i guess they want to satisfy the FF 360 demand in japan(if there is any).

Above everything though i think they are testing the waters. Wada is up to something

jneul2997d ago

not many people will want the inferior 360 version.....

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ShadyDevil2997d ago

Well that's pretty cool for the xbox fans in Japan.

BlackBusterCritic2997d ago

Useless port is useless. Damn, you guys just keep on giving me more reasons to avoid your games that are released on consoles. It seems all your brains go into the portable games you develop.

callahan092997d ago

They keep giving me more reason to ignore everything they do. If it wasn't for that blasted Dragon Quest IX. The remnants of Enix must be responsible, because the Square guys are effing up badly. I love DQIX. Other than that, I haven't enjoyed a Square-Enix game for a long while. I just got done playing the FFXIV beta for a couple hours. Holy crap is that game terrible. I had it pre-ordered and everything. Paid off. I'm cancelling it the first chance I get. The game is glitchy as hell, the load times are absolutely horrible, and the controls are simply AWFUL. How do you screw this up, S-E? Seriously! And what's the point of even wasting the resources and effort bringing FFXIII to 360 in Japan. It's been out nearly a year in Japan (came out for PS3 in Japan back in December '09), I just don't see the point in this at all.