Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII heading to Japan in December [scan]

Based on some information that has apparently surfaced from this week's Dengeki, Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Japan in December.

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Valay2960d ago

We'll post the scan as soon as possible... And we'll try to verify for sure that it's real.

Chris3992960d ago

I don't speak Japanese, so I have no idea myself.

Xanatos20002960d ago

It didn't sell that well on the 360 here and there's only like three people with 360s on in Japan

Immortal Kaim2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

It sold 1.5 mil units world wide, not bad for a JRPG on the 360, so yes, it sold well enough. Plus it isn't like it's going to cost them anything, they will make money from this so why not?

I also think it increases the likely hood that FFVersusXIII will go multiplatform.

@rhood022: It doesn't matter though about the install base in Japan, the game is already done so why not put it out on 360? Even if it sells 20-80k they will still make money on it?

rhood0222960d ago

Yes. It did sell 1.5 "world-wide" aka the UK and US. Where the 360 console install base justified it being released there.

That's not the case in Japan.

iamtehpwn2960d ago

really? Easy mode? How's that an additional feature?

Cueil2960d ago

if they fixed the video so it was varible bit rate and used compression tech that wasn't 10 years old I'd import it

tinybigman2960d ago

this makes no sense to me.

rhood0222960d ago

If true, I honestly don't understand the rationale behind this. Other than SE wanting to squeeze out extra $ on a few thousand copies sold.

Cueil2960d ago

it'd probably sell 20-40k in japan that's the low end of jrpg sales on the console

hot4play2960d ago

Didn't the Japanese buy PS3s to play this game? I mean, everyone who wanted FF13 must have played it by now. Anyway if this is confirmed, I guess it's good news to those rare Japanese 360 owners who don't have a PS3 and wants FF13... :)

Godmars2902960d ago

Its more an annoying and bad sign that Square is committing resources to projects like this.

Though I suspect, which is only going to be more annoying, is that it'll have a cinema mode that will never leave Japan.

Cueil2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

it's not commiting resources it's simply replaceing the text with the original... try and not be to ignorant I know you're intelegent from your other comments

Godmars2902960d ago

Still going to the trouble of printing discs and advertising. Coding for the translation and this "easy" they're talking about.

Like the game needs an easy mode.

Rai2960d ago

if they don't release it at bargain price it won't sell. the ps3 version went to the bargain bin within a month. there is much 360 in japan so they can't sell it for that stupid amount they did with the ps3 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.