Manncorp claims low-cost solution for Xbox woes

A potential low-cost cure for Microsoft's recently publicized billion-dollar Xbox reliability headache is being recommended by an SMT assembly equipment manufacturer in conjunction with a German rework specialist.

The problem, according to these sources, lies in the defective soldering of components to the boards at the point of original manufacture. When several Xbox video game boards were subjected to microscopic x-ray inspection, flaws revealed damaged CSP memory chips mounted on each PCB.

These were the conclusions arrived at jointly by Henry Mann, CEO of Manncorp, and Bernhard Martin, a manufacturer and rework equipment and surface mount quality control specialist.

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Tone3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I hope some of the MS tech people are reading this, or get in contact with them people, am amazed MS never came to this conclusion.

If thats the case as they say, i suppose it would reduce waiting times for the people who have sent their machines away for repair.

Its been well know tho that the board can sometimes flex, with heat build up inside the case, hence the soldering going all fubar.

For all the problems the console has had.. i still like it.


How do you know M$ hasn't come to the same conclusion ?

Makes alot of sense, considering the 'Towel Trick'.

snoop_dizzle3934d ago

replace broken 360s with the new falcons?

I think that would be the best course of action.

XxZxX3934d ago

I dont buy it. If poor soldering, how would Two towels fix it? do you know how much heat to melt the solder. Your tower will burn first if it reach that heat.

Syko3934d ago

I am sure it is 50 times hotter in the case with no ventilation. The outer plastic wouldn't be near as hot as the inside would. Hence why this works most of the time. Those heatsinks probably get hotter than most low watt soldering irons when inside the towels for 20-30 minutes.

Leg-End3934d ago

how gay does that sound