PS3 PSJailbreak Update: Did Sony remove PS2 Gaming on Purpose?

Product-Reviews writes: PSJailbreak is set to receive an update, with the biggest feature being the Backup Manager v1.1. According to the website, the update will ‘enable’ PS2 gaming, despite the fact that Sony seemingly killed off PS2 gaming on the PS3 ages ago (unless you have an original 60GB of course).

I guess the question that really needs to be asked here is, did Sony keep PS2 Backwards Compatibility on the PS3 all along? As it would seem a pretty big job if the hackers have put PS2 gaming on there from scratch – don’t you think? Speculation is mounting that Sony didn’t remove PS2 support from the PS3, but rather disable it, allowing consumers to focus on their lineup of PS3 software.

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Joule2993d ago

Who still plays there ps2 games??

I came to the PS3 to play new games not old ones.

tunaks12993d ago

shadow of the colossus is better then most games this gen.

Dragun6192993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Sony needed PS2's hardware to have a decent PS2 emulation on the PS3.

PS2's Emotion Engine & Graphics Synthesizer for 20/60gb PS3 to PS2's Graphics Synthesizer for 80gb PS3 to just taking it out for all the models after that.

I really don't think seamless PS2 Software Emulation for all PS2 games is possible on PS3 unless you have some PS2 based hardware like the Emotion Engine or you recode the game itself like PS2 HD Classics.
Even if PS2 software Emulation is possible on PS3, It won't match the quality of what a Remastered PS2 HD Classic has to offer like Trophies and Properly Unscaled 720p Support.

Joule2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I understand that but are you telling me your constantly playing it on your ps3?

DelbertGrady2993d ago

There's been a whole lot of talk about re-makes of old PS2 games and whatnot. I can see a lot of people wanting to revisit some of the big hits like SOTC or God of War 1 & 2. Not to mention all of th JRPGs.

But this isn't about the need of playing PS2 games. This is about Sony potentially blocking and lying about a feature that was advertised as part of the PS3.

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badz1492993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

1. "PSJailbreak is set to receive an update, with the biggest feature being the Backup Manager v1.1. According to the website, the update will ‘enable’ PS2 gaming" - this article is trying to bash Sony based on something that is not even realized yet??

2. "As it would seem a pretty big job if the hackers have put PS2 gaming on there from scratch" - without the EE and GS on-board?'s the PS2 emulators on computers much more powerful than the PS3 running? have it pass the 'crawling' phase yet? and last time i checked, they still use copyrighted material to make it running;

"ps2 BIOS is a copyrighted material of Sony and that makes its' distribution illegal" - link:

and now hackers suddenly know how to program for the CELL? that many respectable devs were having problem with up to this point? yeah, I believe THAT!/s

3. "Speculation is mounting that Sony didn’t remove PS2 support from the PS3, but rather disable it, allowing consumers to focus on their lineup of PS3 software." - Sony clearly stated that they removed the EE and GS starting from 40GB and never since advertised the PS3 can play PS2 games! the removal of these old chips resulted in Sony cutting the price down from $499/$599 previously to $399. I'm not trying to sound like a corporate b!tch but they're running a business here and they did it by taking something out and it came with a hefty price cuts, not discount! taking off PS2 chips and cut $100 while the PS2 was selling at $129 at that moment if I'm not mistaken. so...what's there to troll here? it's not like they added nothing and jacked up the price for no solid reason...*cough* *XBL* *cough*

this article FAILs on so many levels! I also fancy PS2-enabled PS3 but hey, it's not like it's taken from me and they charge more for it!

TotalPS3Fanboy2992d ago

...on the purpose of making it cheaper so all those cheap ass whiners complaining about how expensive it was can finally afford it.

rockleex2992d ago

Its well documented and people have opened up their PS3's to check for themselves.

The only way the hackers can "enable PS2 gaming" is to code a PS2 emulator for the Cell Processor and RSX video card.

Good luck hackers. :P

JD_Shadow2992d ago

So wanting PS2 BC to return to the PS3 is akin to admitting you're a hacker?

Would LOVE to hear how THAT logic works!

rockleex2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I would love for everyone to have PS2 BC on all PS3's.

But these hackers make it seem as simple as switching an option "on" or "off".

But its not.

They're going to have to learn how to code for the Cell even better than Sony's own first party studios if they want to make a PS2 emulator for the PS3.

TotalPS3Fanboy2991d ago

LOL. I don't know how you conclude that from RockLee's post. Hahahaha. That's some mess up logic you used in that conclusion there.

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Big Frank2993d ago Show
deadreckoning6662993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

@El Jugador- Great games stand the test of time..which is why people buy PS One Classics to this day. When Shenmue comes out on XBL/PSN...expect a buttload of people to buy that as well.

5 years from now when your gaming on ur PS4, u mean to tell me that your not going to want to revisit classics like Uncharted 2 or MGS4??

Joule2993d ago

actually your right, i will re visit MGS4

pure epicness

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Persistantthug2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

If I remember correctly, one of the last PS3s to do this was the METAL GEAR SOLID 4, Gun Metal Grey bundle (2008).

If Sony wanted to bring back Backwards compatibility, they could bring it back TONIGHT, if they wanted.

I thought this was common knowledge already.

lokiroo4202993d ago

I guess its not so common knowledge considering youre wrong, only the emotion engine was emulated.

lokiroo4202993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

double post grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Si_852993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

PS3 has never done full software emulation, only partial. NTSC launch models had full hardware BC support with both the PS2 CPU and GPU being physically included on the motherboard itself. PAL launch models and subsequent NTSC (BC capable) models had semi-software emulation - Sony removed the PS2 CPU (to get costs down) but KEPT the GPU as it was/is the hardest of the two to emulate via software. Sony has even acknowledged in interviews how difficult it is to program the Cell's SPU's to successfully emulate the PS2 GPU but that they are actively working on it.

To this date, no PS3 model has supported FULL software emulation BC, only partial. All PS3 models after the MGS4 PS3 had the PS2 GPU removed to further save costs, hence none of the following models are capable of this previous method of hybrid software/hardware BC. These reports from the hackers are BS.

So no, they or Sony could not just bring it back "overnight".

insomnium2993d ago

You are correct. The people who are raving about this have no idea how things went down. It's great to know stuff because you've been here and lived through this stuff. You don't even have to listen when someone comes in and starts talking bs.

Agree and bubbles si 85!

Persistantthug2992d ago

If it does not work I'll acknowledge what you say as true....

If it does work, you'll be getting a PM from me.


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EYEamNUMBER12993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

gtfo i wish i could still play my ps2 games i had a phat but it broke to the point where repair was impossible so i had to get a slim

i WISH i could play my DQ8 so badly its the only game i wanna play badly its on my top 5 list well it would be if i had one

and no i am not going to buy a ps2 just to be able to play my DQ8 as much as i want

just saying i miss BC anyone who says its no big deal or whatever is kidding themselves BC is always great to have
what ever happened to that emulating ps2 games business

etownone2993d ago

So true!!!!!

but if they are takin the feature out cause they can .... then that's a shittty move to the millions of Sony loyalists.

commodore642993d ago

Yep, some Sony and Ps3 fans are slowly waking up from their slumber.

I previously remarked that, if this is true, then Sony has duped their customers from the beginning.

If this is true, then the Sony fanbase will be divided that's for sure. I am already seeing indications from traditional Sony fans that they are considering taking up the JB simply to reinstate the ps2 b/c emulator.
... and with good reason.

DrDreadlox2993d ago

The makers of Jailbreak are just spreading this rumor so they can dupe more people into buying their product. Nah that couldn't be it, it makes too much sense.

Why o why2993d ago

dude, duping their customers is what MS done to their original xbox owners...They dropped them like a bad habit. They overcharge for the peripherals and are doing the same with kinect which renders the old xbox camera useless. You really are relentless, that or sony musta done some weird crap to or against you when you were younger. Why are you so blind to anything MS yet so erect for everything anti sony. Sony isnt perfect, far from it but you really need to find something more fulfilling to focus on EVEN if you're just messing around. Yeah we know, its sonys fault you have no ****

fr0sty2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

PS2 had 4MB of EDRAM for it's video memory. while a pitiful amount, EDRAM has one big advantage over conventional memory... it's amazingly fast. That's why PS2 was so good at doing things like particles, because it had an amazingly fast fill rate thanks to that EDRAM. PS3 uses GDDR3 for it's frame buffer (but has 256 mb's of it and can tap into system ram's 256mb also, allowing room for all that HD goodness), and as such has nowhere near the fillrate PS2 enjoyed. even 360's fillrate, with it's 10mb of EDRAM, doesn't enjoy the same advantage since it has to fill a lot more pixels (HD) than PS2 did. That, and you have to pull off some clever trickery to make a HD frame fit in the 10MB's of frame buffer, which is why we don't see much of an advantage (the contrary often times when you compare exclusives) in visuals with 360.

What all this means is, PS2 games are programmed to make use of it's hardware. You can't just take a PS2 game and run it on PS3 hardware and just say "oh, well it's more powerful so it should run just fine, right?". More powerful overall does not mean each and every aspect of it is more powerful, no matter how dramatically better the end result may be. Even PC's struggle to properly emulate a PS2 still to this day. While they've come a long way, it's still far from perfect.

This is why Sony has not released an all in one emulator for PS2 after removing the EE and GS chips, disabling PS2 backwards compatibility. They'd have to pretty much write emulators on a per-game basis, which is why you see them taking the route of making the emulator, and also remastering the graphics into HD at the same time (If you're going to pay someone to make an emulator, why have it run in crappy SD resolution when you can overhaul it into HD and then resell it for a small profit?).

So, I think this claim is bogus. They might have some sort of emulation up and running, but you're just not going to see them pull a fully working PS2 emulator out of their hats like that almost overnight after the PS3 was cracked. While the homebrew community may be able to whip up some cool stuff given enough time, don't hold your breath.

Man In Black2993d ago

Because they were losing a fuck-ton of money at the time. Though there's also the possibility that they realised the potential of re-releasing PS2 games, re-mastered and higher-priced. Cynical, but possible.

vhero2992d ago

Sony always planned on a downloadable PS2 back catalogue on PSN however like any other greedy company they want to milk it first so will wait till PS2 completely dies first.

NarooN2992d ago

Who still plays PS2 games? See, it's people like you who just annoy the piss outta me. "Hey, this game is OLD, so it must suck! NO WAY will I play that in this day and age!" I have a PS3 and have had one since Feb. 2008. Have been sorely disappointed with a majority of the games released this generation for all three platforms and it doesn't look to be changing too much either. With the PS2, which I got in Jan. 2002, I was NEVER bored. I had endless hours of fun before I even got broadband in my house and indulged in online gaming.

The PS2 destroyed the Dreamcast, Xbox, and Gamecube for a reason - superior support from 1st and 3rd party devs and an AMAZING software lineup. Every month there were great games coming out. Now look at me - the last game I bought was Uncharted 2 and that was in Dec. 2009. It's Sept. 2010. Almost been a YEAR since I found a game worth spending money on. That's pathetic and many of my real-life friends and e-friends all agree with me on this subject.

I bought my PS3 to play new games too, but Sony also promised PS1 and PS2 BC back in those nice little 2005 and 2006 conferences they had at E3, GDC, TGS, etc. so I also wanted to play games I already owned on the damn thing when I got it. Luckily I have software emu but the software emu blows ass with a lot of games. Anyway, basically your viewpoint is full of shit and I just elaborated why. Good day.

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Gran Touring2993d ago the original 60/20gb models had the actual ps2 architecture within the console. It wasn't "disabled" because there was nothing to disable, as the hardware just wasn't there.

Gran Touring2993d ago

I can't edit for some reason, but here's the link i was trying to find

niceguywii602993d ago

Looks like Omega was right. Anyways Sony always gets caught in their shady misdeeds. PS3's power claims being one of them, Sony simply has more tailored game engines vs the dime a dozen multi plat ones.

Redempteur2993d ago

"Looks like Omega was right. "


sorry but that was just too much for me

Panaru2993d ago

So your complaint is that PS3 devs don't reuse the same game engines over and over like 360/Wii devs and instead create new, often innovative ones that use the console's hardware more effectively? Huh. That might be the biggest compliment I've heard for the ps3 and its devs in awhile. Thanks wii60. You really ARE a nice guy.

Why o why2993d ago

Freudian slip there nice guy. We always knew you knew what time it was. Do you mind if we quote you? cheers, thx

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jerethdagryphon2993d ago

its quite possible the firmware still contains links for the ps2 hardware notes and such but nothign mroe then that

Otheros002993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Even though they were selling ps3s at a loss. People were b*tching about the price so they had to remove it.

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