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"Scott Pilgrim vs The World may have some gamers at a loss, on one hand the 8-bit visuals have us reminiscing over simpler times where video games were all about going left to right saving damsels in distress, and on the other it represents everything the modern day gamer has come to hate, video games sharing the same name as Hollywood’s latest blockbuster. Fortunately, Ubisoft took the initiative to go straight from the source material and focus on a comic book adaption of the franchise leaving us with a retro style 2.5D side scrolling beat-em-up, quirky enough to warrant a play through without completely drowning you in disappointment before the final credits roll."

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SelinaKyle3019d ago

He bring up some good points about the story line.

Milter1873019d ago

i dont agree with this review, game is awesome!

rambonz3019d ago

fair enough, but like SelinaKyle said, he does bring up a few valid points.

Not a bad review, not bad at all.

Milter1873019d ago

good review, deserves more in numbers for the review!

Myst3019d ago

Wow so N4G's mess up made me lose what I wrote - fair enough in short what I wrote is that yes the game can be hard when playing by yourself and that you will die a lot. Though once getting to a certain level and being able to buy the bionic arm it becomes a whole lot easier. Two upgrades of the bionic arm and you can beat Matthew in less than 20 seconds pretty much.

Though yeah this game is a bit more towards those who have seen the movie and even more so for those who have read the comics.

So I guess I'd agree with the reviewer on some points, but waver a bit on others. Then again with my avatar and track record of posting on this game my opinion is almost nullified lol.

3019d ago
dragonmoony3019d ago

what a bullshit review
this game is SO awesome it made me buy new controllers to play with multiple friends
whoever wrote this shit knows nothing about games

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The story is too old to be commented.