Ready to Move?

Are you ready to Move? Sony's new motion-controlling experience is right around the corner. Here's what you'll need to get started and what games will be available when the system is out September 19th.

The PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye camera to pick up movements from the Move Motion-Controller. So you'll need both to begin.

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seinfan2997d ago

Sorry, not everyone is hyped for a superfluous peripheral.

Cevapi882997d ago

then that makes mr. niceguywii the biggest hypocrite on this site....looks at avatar....need i say more??

Bobbykotickrulesz2997d ago

True 1:1 has me very excited.

Fuck the haters.

duplissi2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

@major jack hoff

ive had the chance to use it and i am VERY impressed with the accuracy, although the launch games are of the wii shovelware fare the 1:1 tracking is something to behold when you play.... the videos do it no justice at all. just wait for some decent core games.

i did like the archery bit from sports champions though.
edit: while it was cool for me thats about it, i dont see a significant reason to use move over the dualshock 3. but i will admit that for motion it seems just as capable a control method as a normal controller- and thats saying allot.

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jack_burt0n2997d ago

niceguy lol ur pic u are going to be so disappointed :)

Boody-Bandit2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I don't think so jack.
Denial will kick common sense in the ass nearly every time. He will convince himself the messiah has risen in that little black camera from his god! He will kneel to show his gratitude and..... oh wait a second. If he kneels it wont be able to see him. Oh never mind. Carry on.

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tdogchristy902997d ago

I'm neither ready to Move or Kinect. I'll stick to my standard controls thank you very much. :)

DelbertGrady2997d ago

Vulgar Display of Motion Controls.

Best album cover ever.

Ivan Drago IV2997d ago

I've been ready. I already own a ps3 slim 120 gb, I'm getting the 320 gb move console bundle. I need a 2nd ps3 for my man cave and one for the living room to watch netflix and play move when we have friends over. I can't wait for move!!


Ready to play RE5 and Heavy Rain with Move, day 1.

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IrishYamato2997d ago

Is the Move being launched on the same date all over Europe?. If the UK get it before Ireland, i may have some swimming to do because i can hardly wait as it is.

a08andan2997d ago

I'm pretty sure it releases all over Europe at the same time :)

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