PAX 2010: Duke Nukem Forever Blows; Gets Blown

GameXplain writes: "I suppose I was just as intrigued as anyone when 2K announced that Gearbox (a company who I’ve quite liked since the impossibly fun Borderlands last year) would be taking over development of the Duke’s long, long awaited reappearance on the gaming scene. The ridiculously long development time of this game became such an industry joke, that even games like No More Heroes made references to the impossible wait for the game’s release. After 3D Realms essentially went under last year, most gamers including myself figured that the project would never materialize."

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Mista T2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Why does this guy have to be so uptight. There's political correctness in every game, and now comes along something different. There's too many emotional emo characters in gaming. I would have to tell this guy to grow a pair and as Duke would say "blow it out yer ass!"

and honestly what else were you expect but ridiculousness in a duke nukem game, and if you went in there wanting to hear Duke Nukem having a cocktail talking about his emotions I would have to say play something else.
maybe this guy should play a game with a less interesting character, thats the reason you play duke nukem, one of the things you play for is his personality.

But anyway to end the comment, I remember people coming out extremely satisfied and thrilled after playing it, maybe this guy was at a different booth

TrailerParkSupervisr2991d ago

Games take themselves so seriously these days and while that is fun, sometimes I just want to kick back and emotionally revert to my younger years. I have had a job for the last 18 years of my life, mortgage, bills, psycho ex's, had my cable shut off, had my car broken into, health scares, ya know, real life shit. Duke Nukem takes away the PC reality we all live in, the Twitter, the Facebook, 24 hour news and just throws you into a world of great humor, mindless violence and deadpan 1-liners that still make me laugh.

Bring it on.

DarthMoose2991d ago

I'll cosign this, although I do enjoy games with character depth and drama like heavy rain, when i'm not crying I like a good laugh and mindless destruction like Mr Nukem will provide, bring it on baby, can't wait.

2991d ago
theroadtoruin2991d ago

i became a big fan of 2K after Prey and The Darkness hopefully we can see more games like that, but can't wait for Duke though.

palaeomerus2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

This article was shat out by the same kind of misguided pseudo-intellectual twerp who whines about Saints Row 2 not painting an authentic picture of life on the mean streets.


Next thing you know he'll read a Batman comic and complain that boomerangs really don't really work like that and in real life a Batman would just get shot by crooks and "why can't Batman be a comic about real stuff like stock brokers and mortgage agents?" Etc. Who wants to see a guy dressed like a bat beat up people in weird pajamas and circus acrobat costumes on rooftops? Isn't that stuff for little kids? Batman needs to grow up and become a prime-time procedural legal drama that people can respect.

He'd probably complain about the crass nature of the QTE offscreen sex games in God of War titles too.

If the guy doesn't like Duke Nukem then fine but why preview the game then?

It's like me reviewing Madden and saying "Uh...I'm not really much of an NFL fan. I don't care about all these teams and logos. I really wish there were some NCAA teams in here. Or some hockey players or cars or something. Maybe some jet-skis. Y'know. Cool stuff. I'm really tired of pro football and haven't liked it since I was right and Roger Staubach was still with the Cowboys. I've just outgrown this juvenile franchise...blah blah blah. ME ME ME. YADDA YADDA YADDA."

Who the hell does that crap help? Who really cares what a non NFL fan thinks of Madden?

Feh. The idiot just doesn't get it. No more need be said.

2991d ago