Warhammer: Battle March Hands-on from IGN

Orcs and Elves march from the PC onto the 360.

Black Hole Games and Namco Bandai Games plan to continue the popular trend of bringing a full PC game, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, and its forthcoming expansion, Battle March, to a console in one, shrink-wrapped box titled Warhammer: Battle March. Featuring Mark of Chaos' Empire, Chaos, Skaven, and High Elves armies, the Battle March expansion adds two new forces: the Dark Elves, and the combined Orcs & Goblins.

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sticky doja3987d ago

LOTR: BFME 2 was fun, but this game looks to be even better.

AngryHippo3986d ago

...these type of games....please microsoft enable mouse support for these strategy games. They will probably end up better, the one let down titles like LOTR:BFME2 and C&C3 had was the controls, they were not bad...but mouse support may improve the overall control quality making it easier.