Top 10 Kick-Ass Game Chicks

MMGN: Female characters now lead their own games and the time has passed where they rely upon muscular white knights to save them. They are hot but they’re not just good to look at – they can also hold on their own. When placed in a dangerous situation, which ones are the most likely to survive with their wicked intellect and supreme combat skills?

Listed below are the top ten video game chicks that can kick ass.

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CatGlue2994d ago

Lara Croft + Lara Croft + Lara Croft + Lara Croft + Lara Croft + Lara Croft + Lara Croft = all the ass kicking chick i want...

ABizzel12994d ago

Ugh. get over Lara. She hasn't done anything for gaming since the PS1.

If anything Samus or Chun-Li should be number 1

CatGlue2994d ago

I like Jolie, that's the real reason...

Galaxia2994d ago

Lara is past her prime. I played Underworld for a few minutes the other day and she just looked creepy and plastic. And those legs, what is up with her legs. She doesn't look like a real women.

Very glad Jill Valentine got the pick out of the RE girls though. RE5 incarnation aside, she's easily the best.

Gaetano2994d ago

Agreed. Lara Croft is all you need.

tom0472994d ago

ah no dixie kong >:( haha got to love the kongs

Jeannius2994d ago

To be honest I didn't think of Dixie Kong rofl XD

Emmettcelticfan2994d ago

Faith is my favourite out of em

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The story is too old to be commented.