GameXplain: Hands-On with PlayStation Move

GameXplain Writes: "Apparently I’ve been living under a rock this whole time, but I am embarrassed to admit that I've finally gotten around to giving the much talked about Playstation Move a whirl for myself. I wasn’t too keen on the Wii motion controls in Wii Sports and all its iterations honestly, but this brief Move demonstration at PAX 2010 became a spur of curiosity to my prior apathy. GameXplain editor-in-chief, Andre Segers, and I took center stage in this demo. Having never felt the Playstation Move remote before, I was immediately impressed by how good it felt in my hands. The curvature of the controller fit ergonomically and very comfortably in my hand. Andre and I took to the sun-kissed beaches for some versus beach volleyball, but before we dove headfirst into the game we underwent a bit of painless calibration."

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andresegers2997d ago

The move looks pretty rad.

Bigpappy2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

She even said it played "well enough". I agree with her in saying that Sony should stop trying to compete with the Wii and try something different. Move seems to have more potential when they use 1to1 rather than relying on gestures. She said the avatar seems to go into spike mode on its own, and she was unsure of when or why it happens. She also likes how it feels in her hand. I know why, but I am not going to say. By all accounts, this is another great Move review.