Dear Playstation Where is GT5 ?

Ironstar Writes : A lot of people including to myself have waited for Gran Turismo 5 for a very long time and its almost here ! However that still leaves me with questions why did it take so long to release and why so many delays. This is a video how I think Sony would reply to such questions in a Dear PlayStation fashion .

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iamnsuperman2992d ago

I could actually see Sony doing something like that for advertising GT5

pixelsword2992d ago

Isn't this the site where two 'hats were talking during some presentation?

spunnups2992d ago

yes the completely ruined what was the first full demo shown of All 4 One. Two complete douches disrespecting the hell out of a game most of us care to play, but apparently they couldnt care less for.

pixelsword2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I see.

cyborg69712992d ago

Hasn't this site gone and fucked itself yet?

Immortal Kaim2992d ago

Who approves this sh*t? These morons are slowly taking up the mantle of worst gaming website submitting to N4G, and that's saying something.

DelbertGrady2992d ago

It's the english version of Ü

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Headshot812992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

whats all the fuss about?

Optical_Matrix2992d ago

Why so many delays? Theres been like 1 delay I swear. Where is this myth that GT5 has been delayed so much coming from?

DORMIN2992d ago

Some people just like thinking up bullsh*t, thats a fact.

2992d ago
Big Frank2992d ago

Its not really the delay thats getting people pissed, its just that its taking too bloody long. The PS3 still doesnt have a AAA exclusive racing game after all this time while 360 owners have been enjoying 2 for a long time.

Dee_912992d ago

ps1 released in 95
gt1 released in 97
ps2 released in 2000
gt3 released in 01
gt4 released 05
ps3 released 06
gt5 prologue released in 07
gt5 releasing in 10'
a 4 year wait doesnt seem so long

bustamove2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

...What I want to know is why GT5 is always picked on when there are games that have taken longer to come out?

EDIT: Funny video but bad title. It's flamebait.

Ilikegames762992d ago

Think Starcraft 2, a PC games. It took about 10 years before being release and I don't see the PC fan boys whining about it.

GamerSciz2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

People think that speculated release dates that get changed are considered a delay...they aren't. The only delay was the original release back in March of 2010 for Japan when it was pushed back. That is "ONE OFFICIAL" delay. People bitch and moan about anything to make something look bad don't they.

Also as far as the video goes, anyone else feel like copyright infringement is happening? Just a thought.

ReservoirDog3162992d ago

Well it has taken forever. Quality takes time and patience I know. But I think that's basically what they mean.

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FanOfGaming2992d ago

Awesomesauce. "She used to play with my LBP" lol

Neo Nugget2992d ago

What's up with all of these odd titles lately?

seinfan2992d ago

That's not a sufficient answer for "where", rather "when". lol

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