PlayStation 3 harder to develop for? Nonsense, says GRAW team

The team responsible for one of Ubisoft's most acclaimed videogames – Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter – has told that developing titles for the PlayStation 3 is no harder than working on Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Despite analyst reports and internet chatter, the BAFTA-award winning team says it's just a case of developers getting up to speed with the new hardware, as Sony's console is earlier in it's lifecycle than Microsoft's Xbox 360.

"It's not harder to develop on the PS3 than it is on the 360, it's just a different console. Developers might says it's harder because it just takes time to understand the technology, we're still early in the lifecycle." said Yann Le Tensorer, co-founder of Ubisoft's Tiwak studio and co-creator of the Yeti engine powering GRAW and the upcoming Beowulf game.

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gta_cb4051d ago

ok, i havnt read the article just wanted to say about the title, hasnt alot of other devs said it is harder to develop for the PS3? if the title is correct then how come alot of the games on the PS3 arnt .... how can i say this without having all the Sonyfanboys attacking me... how come there not better?

Satanas4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Well if you read the article, he says this:

"It's not harder to develop on the PS3 than it is on the 360, it's just a different console. Developers might says it's harder because it just takes time to understand the technology, we're still early in the lifecycle."

So I guess essentially he's conveying that it's harder for some developers right now, but in the long run that should even out.

gta_cb4051d ago

thanks for the reply, sorry i didnt read all of the article, i am only able to come on here for a couple of minutes and so i am trying to comment on as many articles as possible as i dont want to miss anything exciting.

seems normall then, all the devs need to do is get use to the hardware then we should be seeing the games shine with glory :)

Figboy4051d ago

a lot of the developers that are complaining about PS3 development are in either three categories:

1.) They are longtime PC developers (like Carmack), who are so used to having development be done *THIS way (think of when animation moved from 2D to 3D, and all of the classically trained, traditional 2D animators were complaining about how difficult 3D animation was, and how they didn't like it, and were fussed to learn it), and are having a difficult time adjusting to the new architecture the PS3 employs.

2.) Companies like EA, who have coasted by for *YEARS on mediocre products, and specialize in saving money on developing said mediocrity, but maximizing profit; see the Madden franchise, and *ANY of their licensed products like Harry Potter (Activision also falls into this category).

3.) Both 1 and 2.

sadly, there are a *LOT of developers that fall into either one of those two categories or *BOTH.

but take note of developers that are *KNOWN for making stellar, AAA games, like the GRAW developers, Kojima Productions (who has stated that the PS3 *IS a difficult platform, but they are pleased with what they are able to do with the platform *ONCE THE ARCHITECTURE WAS UNDERSTOOD BETTER), Team Ninja (who has echoed the GRAW developer's sentiment), and, naturally, devs like Insomniac, Ninja Theory, and Factor 5, who are all working on PS3 games, and have gotten past the initial, "new console development hump."

remember, this is a business after all, and they are going trying to make money.

i remember back when the PS2 launched, the *SAME. EXACT. THINGS. were said about the PS2; "it's too difficult to develop for," "the console is too expensive," "it costs too much to develop games for the Playstation 2."

after about a year or so, those complaints *DISAPPEARED, as developers knocked their *FIRST games out of the way, learning the console, and their later games got better because of that knowledge, and they learned how to save money on development, but still release a quality title (ie, look at FFX on the PS2, then look at FFXII; XII is *LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of X in all areas. Square-Enix also said how they learned that you don't need a billion polygons on a character to look better, so they lowered the polygon count, but *INCREASED the texture resolution, resulting in a better-looking game than X; this knowledge came *AFTER they had their initial difficulties with the PS2).

i understand your sentiment, but the companies doing the most complaining will begin to quiet down as the PS3's life-cycle continues. we're only 9 months into the hardware's release. developers have been working with final dev kits for only a year or more.

Fighter4051d ago

....before you make (stupid) comments

Maldread4051d ago

Great comment, and very true. Funny that Carmack now seems to be getting a better understanding of the PS3 as well. He dosn`t seem so negative of it now, as before.

I do hope Sony get`s better to share it`s first party tools with other developers, so that we can get better ports. I guess it`s up to the developers themselves too, as they should start with the PS3 first and then port to 360 and not the other way around. Concerning EA though, i would hold my breath for them, as they have a hard time developing games with stabile framerates even on "one" console (the 360 version of Madden last year with 30fps).

Nigglet4051d ago

No more excuses for the sony camp, it turns out the PS3 just sucks as a game machine, horrible read speed; crippling memeory restrictions; and lack of GPU for AI makes it a retarded console. Most of you will probably have to look up the definition of retarded to know what I said.

kevoncox4050d ago

No excuse me while I get back to porting a game that is about a Year old.

Spin it developers so that everyone hasn't forgotten about this year old game.

gta_cb4050d ago

i take it your comment was aimed at me, well like i have already said i didnt read the entire article, then Satanas quicky explained it, then i said sorry and well you no one has disagreed with my second comment, so p!ss off. this is the first time i have not read the article!

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Bill Gates4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

This is not what the XBOTS say. And we all know the XBOTS are aaalways right.

I'm telling you people. I'm having a great time watching all the XBOTS getting OWNED left and right by Sony, and by me....AAHHAHHAHA

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gta_cb4051d ago

just want to say that your not OWNING anyone!

infact your getting owned by ALOT of people on this site, weather it is by "Xbots" of "Sonydroids" as the admins redesigned the bubble system which made you go back to about 5 bubbles and yet again your back to 1! thats getting owned because even the "Sonydroids" cant be clicking good feedback as your still on one bubble! you are the one whos getting "OWNED"

i smoke Wiid4051d ago

your avatar looks like your dad's face when I blew brown pudding all over his dome


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nobizlikesnowbiz4051d ago

While I like your name. I can't help but think your a complete fool for your "Bill Gates FTW" comment.

Tell me, is his c0ck in your face right now?

gta_cb4050d ago

omg really i had 1?... actually i had 9! yeh exactly your full of sh!t! you obviously dont know what the hell your on about, i am not an "Xbot" otherwise i would be getting a PS3 soon, so again your full of sh!t.

@ i smoke Wiid

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WilliamRLBaker4051d ago

In the basic essence If the very essence of the ps3 is harder to develop for (its stuff isn't as good for game specifics) then the graw team is liars, cause if thats the essence then yes its true its harder to develop for.

HowarthsNJ4051d ago

Do you realize that blog pre-dates the console's release?

It's all flawed theory, not fact.

Ju4051d ago

I have no idea who that guy is (or was, back in 2006), but I know the Graw2 team released a demo on PSN last week.

CaliGamer4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Blatantly trying to pass off old information. That sucks that you have to resort to that rather than just giving this developer props for stepping up (Sort of). EA, take note. Next time they should release the game on a timely basis.

Meus Renaissance4051d ago

And yet we get GRAW2 like 9 months after the 360 release, and even then, the port isn't as good.

darkequitus4051d ago

Agreed can they explain why A uK playstation fanboy mag (which I buy)say the 360 is better? If it is not hard to program for, why then is the PS£ game lacking

PC/PSWii360 owner

Bnet3434051d ago

GRAW 2 came out a few months earlier on the Xbox 360, now it's just a pity port on PS3. Why didn't they just make both versions at the same time if it was not hard?


SofaKingReetodded4051d ago

take it from someone that has played both versions, the PS3 one is the one to get.

pity I pity the fools who live in their own xbox ruled world.

supnub54051d ago

dumbass do the math, 360 version came out in march, pstriple version comes out in august, 5 months.

gta_cb4050d ago

this is what i was asking in my #1 comment and yet i got attacked lol

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SuperSaiyan44051d ago

Is the GPU thats why the ports on the PS3 are CACK the GPU is obsolete and the developers are trying to get the graphics similar to the 360 version as they have to use software methods however this is costly.

Basically the PS3 has the power but as far as the graphics go its just the PS2 all over again when will Sony learn?

rev204051d ago

Killzone 2, unreal tournament 3 and heavenly sword.

Lead me to believe different to you, i imagine ut3 will show ppl that it can be done great on the ps3 as epic usually have some awesome texture details

xfrgtr4051d ago

It's your brain which is obsolete

Ju4051d ago

The PS3 can go beyond what the GPU can deliver simply because you can extend that by using the SPUs. This will be become pretty obvious after KZ2 when, what I'd predict, the KZ2 typical rendering extension will become main stream (probably second half of 2008, which is about the same time in the life cycle as the PleaseFixMe has right now).