JOYTECH Wii Power Station review

Wireless controllers offer a freedom simply not possible when shackled to the console with a cable. They are, quite rightly, now the norm in the video game world but this new wireless age brings a new problem: batteries.
Sony's Sixaxis controller features a built-in rechargeable battery that can be juiced up simply by connecting it to the console with a USB cable; Microsoft's Wireless Xbox 360 controller supports an optional Play & Charge kit; and the Wii Remote has... erm... a new pack of AA batteries.

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gta_cb4052d ago

"Microsoft's Wireless Xbox 360 controller supports an optional Play & Charge kit"

i have this and can say its pretty good so if you have an Xbox 360 and keep having to replace the batteries then just go to your local retailer and spend £15 on one of these, and the good thing is while your batter pack is recharged you can connect the wire to another controller without any batteries in it and use it as a standard wired controller.

djt234051d ago

nice i wonder how much it will cost

Rooftrellen4051d ago

It's not a bad idea, but I'll just use the rechargable batteries I've been using since I got my GBA.

For those that don't already have rechargable batteries, or for some reason refuse to change out the batteries in their wiimote, this will be a solution, though most likely more expensive.

Ideally, Nintendo could give us a new controller that could hook into the Wii and be recharged while we play a game without the need for fast movement (like Monkey Ball), while we play GC games, or when we're doing the unthinkable...not gaming!

It is, however, nice to see someone come up with something for the Wii that's not totally usless, like the Wii pedometer.