PSGroove PS3 hack now runs off smartphones

If you have the right smartphone, you may not need to purchase any special equipment to use the PSGroove hack (jailbreak) exploit on your Sony PS3. A rework known as PSFreedom has been created to allow enthusiasts with certain Linux-based phones to run the code necessary to unlock their PS3 to run homebrew games & backups.

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Blaze9292658d ago

soon we'll be able to use the PSP to run that PS3 hack. how ironic would that be.

Fishy Fingers2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I mentioned that (PSP) in another thread. It's going to become rather tedious though, in theory anything with memory and connection (USB) could be used. Although I assume it's all going to be combated through a firmware update at some point.

deadreckoning6662658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

If Sony doesn't stop this by the end of this year..then that means they can't..or won't. I'm soo hacking my PS3 in a couple of months. It slowly seeming like Sony doesn't why should I?

"Silly troll, you need a PS3 to be able to hack it."

So u assume people who want to hack their PS3s don't have a PS3. Damn ur simple minded lol. Well, heres some news for you...I have a PS3 and I'm willing to hack it if Sony doesn't create a firmware to stop me. And if I had a 360..I'd hack the shit outta that too.

Getting the most for my money = win

nickjkl2657d ago

whats next the ps3 can jailbreak the ps3

yo dawg i heard you like system hacks so i put a system hack in youre system hack so you can hack while you hack

zeeshan2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

@deadreckoning666: Dude, you can say whatever you wana say because most of us don't even read your comments and the majority would simply hit that Disagree button as soon as they see "deadreckoning666" before a comment. Such is your reputation. I feel sorry for you. Even if you ever try to stop trolling and take your fanboys glasses off, nobody'd know because you know what? NO ONE CARES!

OT: I hope they will come up with a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic port. If I can play MKV files and install Firefox or other browsers on my PS3 annddd play my PS2 game (that's a BIG if), I am also going to jailbreak my PS3 but no, I won't pirate video games.

ReservoirDog3162657d ago

But, it's wrong. How can't you understand that? Unless you hack it without pirating (strictly homebrew, that's what I did with my PSP till I got an Ipod Touch). Then I guess that's fine.

But to just pirate every game that comes out? It's just wrong.

commodore642657d ago

I am going to find my old commodore64 and rig up a usb cable and eprom cartridge.

Seriously, how funny would it be to hack the ps3 with any old commodore64?

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attackmantis2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

PSGroove hack via PSP would be awesome! But I suspect the smartphone method will be more popular as there are more people that own those devices. :-)

comp_ali2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

now sony would ban mobile phones /s

KionicWarlord2222658d ago

Yup....its going to be ported to a lot more stuff .

I wonder why sony hasn't really issued a response to the ps3 getting hacked .

Im guessing its ether sony has found some way to slow down hackers with a firmware or sony hasn't found any way to stop this hack .

IdleLeeSiuLung2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

So you what you are so brilliantly saying is, Sony found a way to shut the hackers down or not!

I will give you an agree and a bubble for that.

OSU_Gamer2658d ago

it sounds like the latter

I hope they get this thing stopped. From the looks of it, it ain't happening.

zeeshan2657d ago

Too early to say it ain't happening. We should simply wait and see where this thing rolls.

RememberThe3572658d ago

This is getting out of hand. I'm really curious to see how Sony will handle this.

rdgneoz32657d ago

Easy, take out the debug feature from future PS3s and remove it through a firmware patch in the near future for current systems.

Moentjers2657d ago

handle the free publicity ?

OneSneakyMofo2658d ago

What's next? PS3 hack now runs off Xbox 360?

OSU_Gamer2658d ago

a new XBL feature :) They gotta justify that $10/month increase. /s

Bricks2657d ago

It's $10 a year dummy, eighty cents a month. They haven't raised the price in eight years, its called cost of living and when you move out of mommy and daddys house you'll understand.

OSU_Gamer2657d ago

chill son

I have XBL

I usualy defend it, and I have had the service for 7+ years. Lighten up.

I'm not going to stop payign for XBL, but can I make a joke?

Alcohog2658d ago

We get it, any USB enabled mass storage device. Are these articles really necessary? Its all essentially the same thing.

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