Top Ten Games/Series That Deserve Sequels

GamerNode writes:
"Several gamers say that sequels can ruin a franchise, that they can cause a good game to be bled out for money and profit. However, this past year proves that sequels can actually be capable of restoring franchises and turning them into them powerhouses. Games like Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed II, Mass Effect 2, and Red Dead Redemption all showed that sequels can be a good thing for video games. So with that in mind, here's a top ten list of video games and franchises that have all gone at least four years without a full-fledged sequel, but deserve one."

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italianbreadman2816d ago

I can definitely get behind PSYCHONAUTS! Woooo!!

BigManFanelli2816d ago

Jade Empire sequel, si'l vous plait. I'm down with all that.

italianbreadman2816d ago

I have mixed feelings about Jade Empire. It seemed like a cool premise, but I was just bored by it and stopped playing. I guess it was the combat. Felt like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

tmurder2816d ago

I would have to commence fapping if a Battlefront sequel was announced. Oh, and also Psychonauts!

Ultraplayerxd2816d ago

Give me my damn Suikoden 6 konami!!!

theEnemy2816d ago

Why does Half-life in the list ?

There's already HL2 amirite ?

Murpho2816d ago

This is for games and games series that deserve sequels (next numbered or declared sequential installment in the series). Half Life is on there as the series saying that Half Life 3 deserves to be made.

NecrumSlavery2816d ago

Dude the majority of this list is of games with sequels.

I personally would love a Jedi Knight IV.. Kyle Katarn was such a cool character. Outcast is my #2 fav Star Wars game next to KOTOR. I was very disappointed with Jedi Academy's lack of substance. I would love to see another JK game. Also it would be cool to see another Republic Commando. The game was good but I really liked it for its raw hardcore appeal.

Of games that never had any sequels, I would give it up for Heavenly Sword and Luigi's Mansion to get a good sequel.

italianbreadman2816d ago

Heavenly Sword is a GREAT choice. THat game didn't get NEARLY as much love as it deserved.

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The story is too old to be commented.