The problems with Duke Nukem Forever

Go!Gaming "Gamers rejoiced this month with the news that Duke Nukem Forever was not only nearing completion; but it was also playable and fans enjoyed it. Alas, we can let out the longest video game sigh of relief knowing that Duke is alive and getting ready to kick alien butt and chew bubble gum…if he had any. But there are problems with Duke Nukem Forever, and we at G3 are not talking about technical or game play problems, but problems of a different caliber. These are problems of having to endure the long wait of Duke Nukem Forever’s development and what feelings they might create upon release."

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omicron0093019d ago

I lost interest in DN about 12 yrs ago :) If I hear its unbelievably good, than i'll get it.

GWAVE3019d ago

Unlike Duke Nukem 3D, I highly doubt DNF will offer anything funny or controversial that hasn't already been done.

Murgatroyd73019d ago

I'm not expecting much of anything new or fantastic, but I think it will be an enjoyable experience just for the nostalgia.