Halo: Reach Launch Goodies Revealed

E4G: Bungie has revealed on the goodies that will be going on before Halo: Reach will be released on September 14th.

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dkblackhawk502752d ago

o.o, I can't wait for the multiplayer preview. Hope that the bugs in the beta were fixed, some of the bugs were hilarious!

otherZinc2751d ago

I'm going to load that theme then:

MASS EFFECT 2 DLC! The Shadow Broker!

That's right this is going to be a great week leading to Halo:Reach!

ndibu2751d ago

I mean there's rivers and rivers of them right here on N4G! Least they could have done is bottled a couple and put them in there as a memento.

m232751d ago

Free premium theme tomorrow!! I always see Scarface when I boot up my 360, if it is good enough I might change it.

GuruStarr782751d ago

I'd rather have Bushwick Bill......

dkblackhawk502751d ago

Haha, Scarface, see hello to my little friend!!!

gamingdroid2751d ago

Sweet, I will take some FREE "Halo: Reach Invasion Premium Theme"!

dkblackhawk502751d ago

Invasion is a sick gameplay mode, now don't deny it :P

m232751d ago

Crap, I think the one coming tomorrow is the paid one, the free one is after the 14th. Ah well.

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2751d ago
SuperSaiyan42751d ago

They class that as goodies? And let me guess none of it is going to be free.

dtalon32751d ago

let me guess you didn't read the list?

or your stupid?

when has anyone been charged to watch a trailer or preview of a game?

hater alert!

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