PS: No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise on PS3 Review

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise plays like a PlayStation 2 game. The animation, game-world and control choices feel distinctly old fashioned — and the port from Wii to PlayStation 3 has done little to improve the visual fidelity. Thankfully, the game is saved by the charm and imagination of its designer, Suda51.

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ndibu2941d ago

What kinda nonsense rating system is that? Cancelling approval

Paradise2941d ago

A lot of movie critics use this system.

Dragun6192941d ago

Just to let people know, this is the Japanese Import, the one that People complained about Long loading times and Freezing problems. Not the one set to release next year by Konami with PS Move Support.

qface642941d ago

what? i don't get what the big deal is?

this is a 5 out of 10?
would you think think the review would be better if it instead said 5/10?

Superduper092941d ago

Yeah I agree. Scoring a game out of 4 is kinda lame.

get2sammyb2936d ago

The reason it's out of 4 is because in my personal opinion there are four tiers to game grading -- it's either "Bad", "Alright", "Good" or "Excellent". The shades of grey in the middle mean nothing.

danmachine2941d ago

on the wii? how can it be down scored for being on the ps3?

EYEamNUMBER12941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

my guess is because its just that a wii game nothing has really changed besides the graphics and price

would you really score a game better just because it has slightly better graphics?
that's what im guessing at least

besides from what i hear the 360/ps3 version had bugs and problems i dunno if that got fixed

LoaMcLoa2941d ago

You can see how different it looks and plays. Killing doesn't seem satisfying anymore.

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HebrewHammer2941d ago

And here I was thinking that G4 was retarded for reviewing games out of 5. WTF! 4?! LOL Moronic. Personally, I'm not even into games being scored out of 10. I would like to see it out of 100. Then reviewers wouldnt be rounding up or down by 0.5.

2941d ago
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