GT5's car damage screens disappoint

Mike Jackson of CVG admits to being a long-standing fan of the Gran Turismo series and am out-of-my-brain pumped about GT5's release this November. And finds the below shots of the game's car damage model a tad disappointing.

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brazilianbumpincher2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

how do they fly under the radar when their as bad as kotaku and gametrailers and edge?

saying that i can see what his saying from the screenshot it does look very weird and unrealistic,it is Polyphony's first attempt at car damage so for CVG to compare it to burnout is ridiculous,criterion have had time to perfect their damage modelling from burnout one on the ps2

Acquiesce2995d ago

I think on the whole CVG are fairly respectable, compared to the likes of Kotaku, Destructoid and Edge at least.

TotalPS3Fanboy2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

GT5 must let go of real-time polygonal-based damages and replaced it with pre-canned texture-based damages like Forza 3, where you hit the car from the front and instantly, the side is simply replaced with a texture of the damages.

Lekumkee2995d ago

Submitted By: Omega64

That should tell you that he spent all weekend reading every single article on GT5 just waiting till he finds one that knocks the game.

A lame life this guy lives...

SnuggleBandit2995d ago

Watch the video though guys, it honestly does look a bit odd...

sikbeta2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

GT5 damage is great the way it is, GT5 is more than damage modeling, this sequel will put the franchise to whole new level, you don't like damage on the cars, sorry, but I saw crap-damage modeling in other games but no one cared, whining over something new and never done before in a GT game and when you don't test the final product, is really worthless and unfair, knowing PD, perfection is number 1 priority, they'll make every feature on their games shine...

GT5 FTW!!!

Dee_912995d ago

1. Gran turismo never done damaging before . You expect it to be 100% perfect on its 1st try ?
2.This is obviously the last build /s

nsnsmj2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Actually, when I first saw the pics and videos, I thought it looked awesome. After seeing more and more of it though, it does look a tad weird. It's very impressive though, considering it procedural damage, but the editor does have a point--at times it does look like puddy.

To be fair though, this is not the final build. As much as a perfectionist as Kaz is, I doubt he would let this be final damage modeling.

Boody-Bandit2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

All I know is insidesimracing loves what they have seen and played of GT5 thus far. IMO they are the site you should looks towards for video game racing opinions. They are overly critical and show zero favoritism when giving their opinions on racing games and the devices to play them on.

They are even blown away by the 3D aspect of GT5 and they prefer it to 3 panel displays. Anyone that is a hardcore sim racing fan will tell you that in itself is HUGE! I just got done rewatching their coverage of GT5 at E3. Head over to their site and watch it for yourselves.

I'm not really sure whom CVG thinks is disappointed with GT5 car damage. I myself don't remember being asked to take a poll. Articles like this are pointless. GT5 is going to be an absolutely amazing, not perfect but amazing none the less, game. It is going to sell boat loads and be played online for years to come.

GT fans have been waiting for this game for over 5 years. Quite a few of which that have yet to take the plunge into this generation of gaming. I myself have been making tweaks and upgrades to my racing pod in anticipation of GT5's arrival. I can't wait to turn laps in the world of GT on my PS3. 11/2/10 will be here before you know it but for me, it can't get here soon enough!

badz1492995d ago

GT5 and damage? a real DRIVING simulator and people are whining about DAMAGE due to accidents?? what's next? people complaining that they don't really get hurt and sent to hospital for accidents in a GAME??

more and more people are getting their focus on the damage rather than the actual reason the game was made for which is DRIVING and yet PD are trying their best to satisfy these destruction derby fans by at least trying to apply REAL-TIME damage unlike the 'scripted' damage used by the game on the other console and almost all other games out there but people are still whining! yet they are TROLLING when GT5 took so long to be released!! FU whiners, FU!

frostypants2995d ago

Perhaps they SHOULD replace the real time stuff with canned stuff, if this is the best the realtime tech can do.

Face it. This damage modeling is looking like ass right now. C'mon people, be real.

It'll still be the best driving sim on the market. But let's call a spade a spade.

commodore642995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Hmmm... lots of angry fanboys will hate cvg for this.

I am looking forward to the awesome game that is Gt5, howevere, in a all honesty, the damage does look a bit weird.
So high is my expectation for gt5, that I would not have believed it had I not seen it for myself

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2995d ago

GT5 - Gamescom 2010 Special Report - Sponsored by Simraceway

No Way2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

The game is gorgeous, but the 'damage' does look a lil funky, o.O
And, with how long it's taken to release, seems it should look better.
And, it may be there 'first time' but, is that always an excuse?
Though, that's only one car, with a not very 'explanatory' video.
It coulda, perhaps, been set up, who knows. But, oh well.

I'll still be getting it, it doesn't change much, either way.

beardpapa2995d ago

in my opinion, model deformation is a good enough real-time damage indicator than taxing the video game system to do real time physics calculations of damage that involve real time tears, crumples, and shattering of plastics, fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

since you guys don't want anything to be scripted and be a set of precanned damage animation models. Because if it did, you all know fully well GT5 would be attacked for that too.

rekonizakilla2994d ago

As soon as there's a "lets knock gt5 for not giving me head" video, you all come spouting shit about how it's not good enough yet.

we have all seen the sreens for a few days now but you wait til now to have your group hate session.

Can't wait for more good news about gt5 to read, and I bet that when there's more, most of you scumfeks will skip right past it.

edhe2994d ago

Seriously, the game's been in dev for YEARS with a huge budget it's a flagship title and you call FOUL on comparing it to ANOTHER RACER?

Grow up apologist.

Sony3602994d ago

It's funny how credible sites simpley become "bad" or "un-credible" whenever something negative about the Ps3 is shown on their website.

JohnnyMann4202994d ago effing fanboys need to relax.

Realtime damage is pretty cool, but cmon some of those crash damage pictures look like s#!t.

I dont care if CVG hates on PS3, those pics DO look like smeared clay rather than bent/broken metal.

PS3 is the best system in my opinion, but you PS3 fanboys need to give it a rest and who cares if someone points out a flaw in a need to have a spaz attack....especially when there is Photo/video proof.

Give it a rest people...the game will still be good.

solidjun52994d ago

"I am looking forward to the awesome game that is Gt5, howevere, in a all honesty, the damage does look a bit weird"

Who are you kidding? You don't have a ps3. lol

comp_ali2994d ago

you guys are funny, whenever a site point out a truth you don't like you go all rogue. Do you need only biased sites.

TotalPS3Fanboy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

"Perhaps they SHOULD replace the real time stuff with canned stuff, if this is the best the realtime tech can do."

Following that logic, why replace it with pre-canned damage textures when they can replace it with a video of a real car crashing? That will be way more realistic looking than any pre-canned textures.

Ldubbz2994d ago

For the ignorant out there, which seems to be too many, perhaps you are unaware of who actually owns same people who own...wait for it...CVG. And EDGE.

Mind-blowing stuff...these conspiracies. How deep does it go...


jadenkorri2994d ago

ok to everyone above, first time crap is ridiculous. Your sayings its ok since its their first time,there are other companies who have already done damage on cars, that image is obvious horrible,if that's the final product. Someone should of said we need help from Criterion or someone that can do it properly.

2994d ago
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callahan092995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )


Eff you, CVG. This is seriously getting out of hand. They have a serious reverse-Halo effect (and every time I use this term on a gaming site, people get confused so let me specify right now that this has nothing to do with Halo the game... look here ) going on when it comes to PS3 games. They have something against the console, and so everything they look at for the PS3 they tend to be overzealous about pointing out their perceived negatives.

Trey_4_life2995d ago

And i thought kotaku was bad, pfff.

Sony3602994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Because everyone who doesn't post 100% Ps3 ass-kissery has something against the console, right?

"And I thought (insert credible website with negative Ps3 article here) was bad"

CoxMulder2994d ago

@ Sony360


Gamespot, IGN, CVG (:D) they've been up there with the big dogs for years, now suddenly they are uncredible? You ps3 fanboys make me sick!


Kurt Russell2994d ago

They have a point, that damage looks pretty bad... Especially when games with 5th of the production time have done it better. PS3 bashing away!

moparful992994d ago

Yes you're right games like burnout paradise have some of best crash modeling seen in a game but whenever that is the focus point of the game you can see why.. Polyphony digital has been putting all of their focus on the physics and handling characteristics of the 1000+ cars.. How many cars does burnout paradise have? 76. Gran turismo 5 has 200 premium cars with advanced crash modeling, which is what we are seeing here. Polyphony is trying to recreate realistic and progressive damage in a video game everyone else uses pre canned textures. Meanine depending on what part of your car hits a wall or object the game renders a pre made sticker that is applied to the car. You will never see a different animation.. I think that polyphony took the hard route and its showing.. Given more time this game would have truly awesome crash animations but at the end of the day damage modeling is wholy unimportant and we just want this game now.. It's rather sad the only thing people have to nit pick about is damage modeling lol..

Kurt Russell2994d ago

The game looks great in all areas... apart from this one. I didn't personally start the nitpicking, I just stayed on topic.

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mustash20032995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Rediculous "article" is rediculous

And just to add...I think articles like these are why the open zone and gamer zone seriously need to come back.

mintaro2995d ago

grammar nazi incoming.

SexyPrawns2995d ago I am.

It's "ridiculous".

mustash20032995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

kthx? The comment was made in jest

Bloodraid2995d ago Show
mustash20032995d ago

I made a spelling error and you blow up like that? Calm down. Look, you are right about biases on this site but it goes both ways. It won't stop because there will always be fans and fanboys of anything.

Bloodraid2995d ago

The only thing I said relating to your inability to spell was "Edit: Also; mustach2003... at least learn how to spell grammar before saying you don't need a grammar Nazi, okay?"

Everything else was written prior to seeing that comment. Hell; the rest of the comment doesn't even have anything to do with your spelling. Please learn to read and understand a comment prior to replying to it.

And the point still stands; you're acting like a child about this article. Why is it pathetic, I'm curious.

mustash20032995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

But i think you should review the way you come across in your comments before you say i'm acting like a child. To me, you come across quite arrogant, no offense intended. The reason i thought this article is rediculous was becuase he found the damage disapointing....and the game hasnt been finalised. Have a good day :)

Edit to add: that isnt what i said so don't try and put words in my mouth. Look, i have my opnion, you have yours, lets just agree to disagree and move on shall we?

Bloodraid2995d ago

So wait; people can't criticize a game until it's released? I guess we should just throw out beta testing now, shouldn't we.

Jazz41082994d ago

Maybe the install station need some more updates to make it better if you have room after your 10 gig install. What ahppened to bluray disc being able to hold 50 gig and you still have tohave hours consuming installs. Sounds like a huge case of fail like my fat ps3 that ylod after a little over a month. Not all consoles are perfect so please ne a gamer and this rant from myself and cvg are from your constant bashing of all things ms.

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Anton Chigurh2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I think there is no point in fighting which game is better . For me , I do believe that F3 and GT5 are really a great games for Driving Simulator Fans and lets just enjoy these two Masterpieces instead of arguing over silly things.


edhe2994d ago

You're obviously on the wrong interwebs ;)

raztad2995d ago

[email protected]

They expect GT5 to faithfully reproduce car damage real-time in-game. It takes a mufker supercomputer to approximate it, yet reality is a lot more complex.


Bloodraid2995d ago

Obviously you're too illiterate to actually be able to read a short article such as this one.

They simply said that the textures remain completely intact, but the models are morphed, and it makes the cars look like they're melting.

I think this one sentence sums it up: "Burnout Paradise, glass shatters, plastic and glass shards scatter, paint is ruined and cars realistically buckle." - So stop acting like a sodding twit and grow up.

rekonizakilla2994d ago

Although burnot damage modeling is impressive, don't forget that was an integral part of that game, and cars would often be written off.

I think that would be asking way to much of the amount of cars in gt5.
Seriously though, why are all the haters so desperate for some bad news about this game.

Here's more bad news. You need a ps3 to play this game

FuturePerfect2995d ago

People who don't own a PS3 and can't play GT5 when it comes out.

NO N00B-HEADS on the internet are going to stop me buying GT5 on 'DAY 1' :P

Jazz41082994d ago

Ttha is so untrue as I own both and I don't play forza or this bs.

mcstorm2995d ago

Lol I said yesterday that I was not impressed with the damage screen shots on gt5 n had a load of people tell me I was wrong and that I'm stupid if I don't think it looks good yet there are other people saying the same thing gt games have all ways been good games but I've always thought the graphics on the games have been overrated as the replays have looked amazing but the in game graphics were never as good as the replays. I am getting gt5 as I do think it looks good but people are starting to over rate the gt games.

Hallmark Moment2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

They havn't fixed the physics in this game yet? It's been a long time since I looked at this game, the last time I seen this game in action was the demo I had for my PS3 before getting rid of it. How in the hell does a car spin in place like a fan blade? Frikken driving physics are terrible and last generation looking. The driving in this game reminds me of Super Nintendo ice effects.

Strikepackage Bravo2995d ago

this is exactly what I was saying las night when I first saw that video. The horrible damage is just part of whats wrong with that video, what is up with those physics!!!!???!

Why is no one else asking these questions, are you and I the only two sane people left in all of gaming? People are going on about this game like it is the most advanced and greatest game ever to grace consoles with its presence, but frankly so far it looks like amateur hour at the Apollo!

No interiors on 80% of the cars, horrible physics, horrible damage, generic blender engine sounds, Nascar? wtf. Poly is so dam arrogant that they pay no attention to their competition and now we have arcade games like Burnout that are more advanced than GT5!

rekonizakilla2994d ago

wtf is happening in this crazy town? If you're complaining about the gt accademy physics, then you really are clueless. If you've ever been fortnate enough to drive a powerfull car you would understand how hard they are to control.

The game aint called, lets compensate for feltchers who think mario kart is a driving game turismo.

edhe2994d ago

Seriously & honest to god: go back to school.

NewZealander2995d ago

i hope they fix this, it looks awful as it is now.

gcolley2995d ago

i wouldn't say awful, just weird. the cars are rarely standing still to notice too much.

no game is perfect, any game can be criticised, but according to fanboys and girls this is not the case with GT5.

pain777pas2995d ago

I'm getting a logitech wheel and this game and hope for the best GT experience yet. See yall online. The damage looks good and is probably physics based and well done in the context of the game just like Burnout is well done in the context of the game. I love both series for different reasons. I love to sit back have a drink with a wheel and drive by some impressive environments in an expensive car I'll never own and have fun. Hope that there is tons of calibrations with the wheel.

bustamove2995d ago

....Why am I not surprised that Omega submitted this flamebait article and why am I not surprised that people who whined and cried about no damage in GT5 are now whining and crying about the fact the damage doesn't look good enough.

It ONLY happens in a PS3 game where it's scrutinized to death. This generation of gaming is sickening because of this crap.

rekonizakilla2994d ago

I can't beleive what i'm reading here today.
The good thing is, when gt5 does release I'll never have to look at anymore comments from people who have no intention of getting gt5, in a gt5 related "article".

As this isn't even the final build of the game, some of you are gonna be jumping from roof tops if the damage does exceed burnout.

Kurt Russell2994d ago

It doesn't only happen in PS3 articles... And the reason it has been pointed out if because it clearly looks wrong, there are no two ways about it.

Don't be naive... if the damage effect looks fine to you, why even bother commenting? Just pre-order...

MNicholas2995d ago

How can these screens be anything but disappointing? Anyone who's driven a definitive sim knows that correct car damage is done with swapping out textures and that damage always occurs the same way no matter how the car was hit. GT5 doesn't even put scratches on the roof when the car's bumper hits a wall. Ridiculous.

Big Frank2995d ago

@ all the butthurt PS3 fanboys

Dudes you really need to get your head out of the sand. CVG is one of the most respected gaming sites there is. Do you realise how retarded you all look when you try to discredit them? One of the most respected sites just declared that the damage was not that impressive in GT5, dry your eyes and change you diapers you big babies and deal with it. PS3 fans are the biggest gimps and babies in the world. I LOL at GT5s damage, its not even as good as the old burnout games! LOL!

bustamove2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Maybe you should open your own eyes and see that they were picking on an OLD BUILD of the game.

Lol @ you.

The game isn't even finished yet and you guys are like vultures at a dining table. I can't wait for this game to come out and it makes all of you look bad for bashing it in the first place.

Keep talking.

CoxMulder2994d ago

"CVG is one of the most respected gaming sites there is"

"CVG is one of the most respected gaming sites there is"

"CVG is one of the most respected gaming sites there is"

Nah, no matter how much you say it, it just doesn't sound right..

vhero2995d ago

Yeah because car damage makes me a bad driver! Bad car damage = bad driving.

xAlmostPro2994d ago

that screenshot of the red ferrari is clearly smudged in photoshop lol.. although the video did show somewhat dodgy damage.. although most of the screenshots damage looked great :/.. remember these damages depend on speed/angle & car model..

and comparing to burnouts "realistic" crashing is ust plain dumb, that game is far from realistic lol and its 'crashes' are pretty much that games selling point so alot more work probably went into just the 'crashing' lol

otherZinc2994d ago


No one should be defending this.

Perkel2994d ago

yep this build is actually old and we know that scratches and dust exist from over a year.

This build is only to show procedural damage. And this final damage isn't done yet.

Way to go CVG review feature by bestbuy demo.. still unfinished game.. where there will be 3 types od damage model...

robep32994d ago