PAX Prime 2010: You Fail At Parenting

An opinion piece is the only outlet I have to rage against this kind of immature and irresponsible behavior.

Please forward, Retweet, Digg, Stumble and push this out there to friends and family to get the word out. If even one of these parents actually reads this article and thinks twice about what they are doing, then mission accomplished.

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derkasan3021d ago

I see what the author's getting at, and PAX, Comic-Con, etc. is not the best environment for a newborn. The way I see it, they are putting their own needs before the child's.

The only particular reason I think they can justify it is if they wanted to have the little one experience as much as possible before being an adult, much like how parents plan all of these trips to Disneyland and such. Still, it's not a good one...