High Voltage working on Captain America: First Flight

SEGAbits writes: "I did an interview with Conduit 2’s Creative Director for the website Conduit Portal, and gave me a bit of info: High Voltage Software is working on the game adaption for Captain America: The First Advenger for the Wii."

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SpoonyRedMage2961d ago

Nice. Not because the game will be good, it will be poo, but because there was a rumour that they were getting no work so it's good to see that they are.

SilverSlug2961d ago

Grinder was canceled do to no publisher wanting to take it. Its good that SEGA is giving them work.

SpoonyRedMage2961d ago

I don't think it's cancelled, they just haven't got a publisher and I think it's still set for Halloween 2011.

It's the same case with N-Space's winter(and probably a whole bunch of games) they're still working on them in some capacity.

EvilTwin2961d ago


Con2 better be REALLY good. I know they have to put food on the table, but this is why they have the reputation they do. You make quick cash-ins and shovelware, and you get a rep as a dev that makes sub-par games.

SilverSlug2961d ago

and I also hope this project is good. This whole SEGA and comic book movie better yield some excellent games.

Conduit 2 sounds legit.

AEtherbane2961d ago

THey kind of dont have a choice.
THe compony just had major layoffs - then SEGA comes offering work for them.
Give them a break

SilverSlug2961d ago

But a good developer can take a lame license and make a good game out of it. Look at Treasure with McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure.

First of all, the game is a RESTAURANT license... Treasure only had one game at the time under its belt and that was the amazing Gunstar Heroes. Most people would have laughed at them. I played the game as a kid (The MCD one) and it was... alright actually. Not the best, but ... i mean.. read the title and what is the first thing that comes to mind?