Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Sparks Canceled PreOrders

Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled to release worldwide for the PC later this month. Right now the game is currently undergoing an open beta test that had been delayed by a couple of days last week due to “crucial bugs”.

Since the open beta went live eager gamers were greeted by long downloads, server errors, emergency maitenance and numerous instances of server congestion. Such problems should be expected when a large amount of people attempt to download and then log into the game all at once.

For some who finally do manage to gain access to all that FFXIV has to offer their excitement quickly evolves into discontent.

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Chris3993021d ago

It works horribly, like wrestling a greased weasel. I played the open beta for a couple hours before I just gave up. And all the die-hards that say: "Just play it with a controller! It's much better!"

Last I checked, this was the PC version. Talk to me about controllers when we get to the PS3 launch.

Other impressions. Graphics are lovely. The UI is completely primitive and filled with menus. The crafting and "auction housing" (there isn't one, really) mechanics are a mess. I'm not being a "Square Enix" hater, I actually really liked a lot of their classic (pre enix) and current stuff (handheld, XIII, etc.), but in an age when MMOs are being more and more user friendly and catering to player freedom, the sheer number of backwards decisions and game-play caveats that SE have made is mind boggling.

It's a very pretty, but very niche MMO. Quite contrary to what you think they were looking (and saying) to achieve. The game doesn't even feel like a beta. I'm really surprised that they're releasing it in the state that it's in.

Myst3021d ago

For the Auction House in quotations I assume you mean Bazaar? I haven't played the beta and gave up in the midst of the download, but I know XI has it where you set up your own shop and all that.

Reibooi3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I honestly don't see why so many people are freaking out. The only real bad thing I have experienced in the game is the patching process is insanely slow and that could just be the congestion and even if that is the case there is a easy way around as sites like FFXIV core have the updates there to download via something like a torrent or Megaupload and then you manually patch the game which takes all of 5 minutes and is very simple.

As for issues like the clunky UI and Lack of auction house people need to remember this is the beta. SE has said many times that only about 20% of the final release content is even present in the beta.(I mean the beta's install size is about 5 gigs and SE mentioned the final game would weigh in at about 20 gigs or more) It's totally possible that there is a auction house and it's simply being saved for the final version. The final fantasy XI auction house worked perfectly and assuming they are using the same thing they would not need it to be in the beta. Most of what IS in the beta seems to be the new stuff SE needs to get feedback from and as such are keeping a large portion of the final release from people until the final game comes out.

I for one love what I have played so far. It's quite fun and has a great leveling system and many of the little annoying things are easily fixed with a update or a patch. People are being far to picky in my opinion. Many of the MMO's coming out these days have failed for being to samey or generic and when FFXIV tries to do something new everyone does nothing but trash it instead of giving it a chance(kinda like how people treated XIII)

Honestly if even half of the people playing the open beta buy the final game it will be a success because almost all the servers are packed to the gills with so many people it's sometimes hard to find things to kill which is only a good sign of the games potential population.

Kain813021d ago

in my opinion they delayed the ps3 version to implement the PS-Move

Chris3993021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

And then you have things like this:

Between WOW and all the new, fresh, player-friendly MMOs coming out, FF XIV feels like a real dinosaur. And yeah Nuri, I know about the bazaars. What I couldn't find (and what I wasn't clear on, if it even existed) was a proper unified auction house.

P.S. You can torrent the files needed for the beta (locate them by looking in the FFXIV directory), much faster btw than using the SE updater.

Lumbo3021d ago

They already said there will NOT be an WOW-Auction house in FF14.

And its ok, cause the stupid instant huge shop aka auction house where always a turnoff for me in other mmorpg.

I prefer the Lineage and FF11 way of Player owned vendor chars in a bazzar like areas

BannedForNineYears3021d ago

I don't think I even need to point out how retarded that comment was.

They already said why it was delayed, memory problems.

Sandal3021d ago

They delayed it because they couldn't compete with DC Universe Online.

Kain813020d ago

at least i hope they use the time to implement could work why not?

BannedForNineYears3020d ago

How the balls would it work?! I was hoping you weren't serious!

IT'S AN RPG!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T USE MOTION DEVICES FOR RPGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You use motion devices for things that would work more effectively than using standard controllers.

Seriously..... I hope you're trolling or something.

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EvilBlackCat3021d ago

Funny how some people around here bragged that this was just exclusive to PC and PS3.

Well i own PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and i really dont see the reason to play an mmo on a console because if that is the reason you own a console you are a damn moron.

PC is the right place to play an mmo.

There is a looooooooooooot of MMO's to choose FREE to Play and monthly fee mmo's.

TERA looks more promising than this.

Chris3993021d ago

skinned and re-branded as Western. GW2 is a better bet all around. And no monthly fee. Can't beat that. But yeah, console MMOs are a bit of a novelty at this point. Things could be different next year, but that depends on how consumers take to the influx of console MMOs (I kinda like it personally, I prefer control pad optimized playing).

mittwaffen3021d ago

Is the only mmo worth watching--it changes the formula and seems like it isnt aged.

We'll see, MMO's are dead in my book though.

kaveti66163021d ago

I'm a moron because I want to play an MMO on my console? If the console can do it, why not?

Myze3021d ago

Considering GW2 doesn't come out for about a full year, I don't really count that in the discussion. The Old Republic is currently the most promising looking new MMO that will be released within the next 6 months (although, can't say that's a definite).

Even if GW2 came out at the same time as TOR, it would be no contest for me. For one, NCSoft are not a great developer, they have a few decent games, but I would say they've never released a truly great game (GW1 is NOT a great game, especially not for the first couple of years, but it is/was a good game). Bioware, on the other hand, rarely releases a game that is NOT great, not to mention we've seen a lot more about TOR than GW2.

Really though, it's not like they are all that similar and TOR will be out for several months to give anyone a chance to try it before GW2 comes out.

On topic: I've played the FFXIV open beta for a bit now, and while the graphics and music are great, there are a LOT of problems with it and I canceled my CE pre-order yesterday.

The UI, not just the mouse, is terribly slow, even with a controller. I'm not sure if everything is slow simply because that's the way the servers are running right now, or if it's all tied into the software mouse/ui. It's something they HAVE to change, or I can almost guarantee people won't stick with the game. FFXI used a software mouse, but it was nowhere close to this bad.

Second, with the omission of any sort of story missions after the initial one (they say they are saving them for if we are supposed to just trust them on that), the game seems very pointless at the moment.

Advancement isn't all that hard, but I don't feel all that much stronger when I level, which is a real bad thing in a game like this. The problem is that other than completely (it seems anyway) random rewards from the guildleves, specific armor is fairly cumbersome to come by (have to get it crafted or craft it yourself), and I have yet to see any weapons outside of crafted ones, and the first tier crafted ones seem to be the exact same as the ones you buy from the vendor. Apparently weapons are supposed to make a far bigger difference on damage dealt than stats, which makes me wonder why weapons are so rare (at least for the first 10-15 levels).

mittwaffen3021d ago

Nah dude, a year isnt shit for an MMO. I'd rather wait for a good one than cop out for a quick fix.

Plus we have a beta sometime this winter/spring; only one worth watching. Every other MMO coming out before then has the same copy/paste methods that we are all bored out of our minds with.

Chris3993021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

fyi NCSoft and ArenaNet are essentially two separate entities, one operating with relative autonomy (ArenaNet) under the other.

@mitt. Agree completely (about waiting for something good, rather than just playing whatever). Bubbles.

Myze3021d ago

To completely dismiss TOR just means you either don't like MMORPGs or have seen very little about the game. Maybe you just don't like Bioware, which would end the discussion (our taste in games is just too great to argue). I said nothing negative about GW2, but having complete faith in a company that has developed only one game that was fun for a little while (about as long as a fairly long single-player RPG, but for a long time had way too little content to hold long-term interest) is a bit naive.

I agree GW2 looks good, and I have every intention of buying it. To consider every MMO that's released a long-term investment, however, is something you might want to rethink. It's rare I play a single-player game more than a month anyway, so I never feel bad about trying out a game that interests me, because it MIGHT not interest me for the next 2+ years.

You can disagree all you want, but the fact of the matter is GW1 can barely even be considered an MMO in the same sense as most others. For one, the updates, other than expansions, were very small (which is why it was free). Second, other than a small few areas for gathering people, the entire game was instanced, meaning they basically only had lobbies and didn't want to spend the money to keep a consistent world up and running. Do you remember or did you play GW1 when it was first released? The game was SMALL, very small. You could do 95% of the stuff in the game with one class in a few days. I imagine GW2 will be much bigger at the start, but it would have to be about 10x the size (really, not just them saying it is) to compare with a pay-to-play MMO (a good one, anyway).

Anyway, try looking up TOR some. If it doesn't interest you, fine. Just don't blanket it in as "another MMORPG." It will be the biggest MMO released since WoW and has a ton of money and one of the best developers in the industry backing it. At least I know I am looking forward to more than one game (and one to check off the list, ie., FFXIV).

guzman3021d ago

@Myze: Good for you. That's one less moron I might get stuck partying with in FFXIV.

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kevnb3020d ago

isnt it just alot of mouse smoothing? My deathadder driver disables mouse smoothing, and its so much better.

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richierich3021d ago

Well I havent liked Final Fantasy games since FF12 I think I will pass on this one too

karatechoplifter3021d ago

A matter of preference perhaps, but FFXII was really fun for me because it fulfilled the one criteria I have for RPG's: A looonnngg game that is fun to play for a looonnnggg time. I want my money's worth out of any title, and for the single-player experience, FFXII was a straight winner in my estimation.

catguykyou3021d ago

So you haven't liked ff for one game? Seems like not so big of an issue.

Omegabalmung3021d ago

Sounds like a mess.

Guess I will have to wait for the PS3 version then.

kevnb3020d ago

the ps3 version is such a mess its getting delayed.

R_aVe_N3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I was one of those pre-orders. After playing the beta that is the worst piece of trash MMO I have ever played. This is coming from a die hard FFXI player. If you think that FFXIV is anything like the other you are sadly mistaken. I would try the beta before you buy this crap. To download if fast use a bitorrent program it dl a lot faster that way and just copy and paste the dl files into the right spots. If they would have cept the only combat style it would be decent at least.

I do however like the new quest system you pretty much know what you are after without having to really guess about anything. They did at least get that right. Now if they just added the old combat system it would be a really good game.

darthdevidem013021d ago

Where is their PROOF of cancelled pre-orders?

I see none.

Anyway from what I've read it seems this MMo is DESIGNED for a Ill wait for PS3 version

Lumbo3021d ago

a hand full of people QQ'ing on forums ... like always

kevnb3020d ago

not designed for console. How can anyone say that when the console version is getting the delay? The ps3 version is going to be the same junk, only worse.

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