'Classic White' DualShock 3 appears at e-tail, dreaming of an alabaster console

Engadget: While the white PS3 Slim pictured above decidedly belongs to Japan, the "Classic White" DualShock 3 alongside has just appeared for preorder at e-tailers based in the US.

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TheLastGuardian2994d ago

How is "classic white" different than the regular white dualshock 3?

Joule2994d ago

its not

hoping to see this in the US

mikeslemonade2994d ago

Looks like a piece of white chocholate I want to eat.

Xulap2994d ago

A white console would look insanely sexy, I must confess. But a white DualShock 3 controller doesn't necessarily mean that a white PS3 is coming. Look, we have red, grey and blue DualShock 3s around here... And yet there's no PS3 that goes with those colors.

Though, it'd be really cool if they release a new color.

CaptainMarvelQ82994d ago

it's classic
hence,the "classic" part

Kain812994d ago

the white PS3 looks sexy^^

Ven10002994d ago

Just like the black Wii is better than the white wii. Everyone always thinks the optional color is nice cause the grass is greener mentality.

AmazingBrian2994d ago

Once you go black, you never go back.

tdogchristy902994d ago

Idk if this is trolling but fore the original 60g looks amazing now that the 360 is all black and chrome as well.

-Mezzo-2994d ago

I'll will get it for Sure.

PaPa-Slam2994d ago

we'll if your getting, then i guess i don't need to get it myself.

VladimirK2994d ago

That looks really, really nice.
But imagine how nice it would look if it was like the fat ones rather than slims. (Haha, as much of a fingerprint magnet it is, I love the piano finish on them, not tremendously keen on the more matte finish tbh).

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