Sandbox games - the finest genre?

Megabits of Gaming writes: "Offering a world that demands to be explored, investigated and fully lived in; the sandbox has often been credited with producing some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Welcome to the Land Of The Free."

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Bojeeva2935d ago

@2late - Right back at ya. Thanks for the comment, but...

2late2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

so those links have zero value to me.

Classifying sandbox as a genre is being flat out wrong because the whole thing is stupid to the point of disbelief. The layout of the maps/levels in a game has no connection to the genre the game belongs in.

GTA is as open ended as oblivion. Does that mean oblivion belongs in the 'sandbox' genre?

No. It's still an RPG just like GTA is still an action game.

theonlylolking2935d ago

Nope, most sandbox games are boring.