Pick up the Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 console on sale for $369.99

Post states: "The Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 console usually runs for $399.99. I already pre-ordered mine, however you can find it on sale right now. If you pre-order it at Dell, they have it for $369.99 right now."

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Akagi2900d ago

Just because it says "limited edition" doesn't make it worth 370 dollars.

ndibu2900d ago

Game 59.99 extra limited edition controller 59.99. Total? 419.98
You're welcome

etownone2900d ago

Nice of you to break it down for that troll.

AntoineDcoolette2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

First i read it as "halo reach limited edition $36.99" then "Halo reach limited edition $369.99" now I see its an xbox system. I need to sleep -.-

Akagi2899d ago

Or: You already have an Xbox and a controller, so: 59.99.

You're welcome.

X_GAMER_X2900d ago

maybe not for you,but for fans such as my self its worth it.already pre ordered mine for more then that

Fishy Fingers2900d ago

I prefer the look of the standard 360S to that.

tatotiburon2900d ago

if you add the shipping cost and taxes you only save 5 bucks nothing more, $395 with shipping and taxes

4D2900d ago

4 people actually agreed with your trolling attempt. Multiple account much? If you add tax to the original retail value of the bundle it would be $432.92

So you actually save $30.00 any way you want to look at it.

outrageous2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I love the look of the new machine and the Halo edition real ups the wow factor. What to do??? I really like the McFarland models and it's selling for $150. I really wished they found a way to include all the bonus packages into one big unit.

Here's the packages shown by Bungie...class act all the way.

Beatboxtaun2900d ago

I'm debating on canceling my current pre-order for $30. Especially will the fall and winter releases coming up...

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