PSFreedom revealed a list of compatible devices for PS3JailBreak

PSFreedom via the wiki a list of devices compatible with the PS3 and the hack was progress on each platform.

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sak5002995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Wow the higher they are teh harder they fall lol. The almight PS3 according to fanboys who slept with it said it's not hackable just like Titanic. And now mere calculators, cell phones, PDA are being used to bring it down to it's knees.

I'm proud owner of Nokia N900 already dual booting to Android 2.1 (NITDroid) with 100s of free apps and now can also use it for ps3. Shame i dont want a ps3 unless it comes with TB of games preloaded ;)

Silly gameAr2995d ago

lol. It's fun to dream. Hope everything turns out the way you hope *thumbs up!

deadreckoning6662995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

HAHAHA..Bubbles Sak. I started crying when u said Titanic lmao.

@kartik21- I think u fail to realize that he was joking. Wheres ur sense of humor?

kaveti66162995d ago

"I started crying when u said Titanic lmao."


Karooo2995d ago

Its an exploit not hack. Retail to debug backdoor exploit and sony probably wants this to beat xbox and wii.

There wont be a firmware anytime soon.

rob200902995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Exactly, yes I guess people will view it as a hack but in the end it isn't. I'm sure it will lead to it, but for now it is just an exploit.

Note: when I say this I am pointing out the fact that it doesn't give us complete access to the cell.

Eamon2995d ago

"Its an exploit not hack."


n4gno2995d ago

[email protected] the desperated xbtrolls enjoying another failure for them : 4 years without hack !

and now, with profitable ps3, hack = more sells, like ps2 (and remember : 4 millions more consoles sold vs xbox already in 2010, more software sold in 2010, more exclusives, best exclusives, 3D, move, bluray, free online : stop, you are already crying, or denying, like always :)

despair2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

would people stop approving these articles, its piracy being promoted and has no place here.

TheMART2995d ago

Wrong. Its like jailbreaking an iPhone, it let it run any unsigned code.

Thus its the possibility of a jailbroken device with future homebrew being shown, with various devices that can do so.

From phones to calculators. Its news, if you like it or not.

2995d ago
Eamon2995d ago

Promoting piracy is actually giving links to places where you can get it.

Saying piracy exists is not promoting. And besides, jailbreaking is not piracy.

You need to learn this by heart or you'll forget the next time you comment.

despair2995d ago

funny that you're saying Jailbreaking is not piracy and yet I see many instances of PS3 game rips offered for download and steps to install and play these games with the Jailbreak flash drive or even how to make your own.

Just because the US lawmakers say its technically not against the law doesn't mean its right or moral. Now I for one have pirated a few things like tv shows, but its because its not available in my country, so I'm not trying to sound like a pious jackass but when I see ripped Blu Rays for Resistance 2 online for download then saying Jailbreaking is not piracy just isn't cutting it.

Eamon2995d ago

But it isn't. ROFL.

Even the heavy anti-jailbreak dudes on this site know this. They hate on it because it leads to piracy. Not because it is.

No point arguing with you. A fact is a fact, mate. =)

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gamer81792995d ago

Wow, I bet the games for the ps3 will probably really drop in sales now

dead_eye2995d ago

it'll have the same impact on game sales as it did for microsoft and nintendo when thier systems were hacked.

BasilMarceaux2995d ago

I wanna hook my tamogachi up to my plastaten3 please. I want to see that rascal in hi def. i am boycotting playstaten 3 jailbrakeing until i can play my tamogachis on it. end of story!

Gilliand2995d ago

You forgot to start with "this is basil Marceaux dot com"

silvacrest2995d ago

these hackers are relentless, as soon as "the gates" open they all dive in

the best one liner i can think of here is, when it rains it poor's

i wonder what sony has in store to counter this

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