Leaked PSP2 Image A Fake

SystemLink: "A very quick note here. Ironstar are claiming to have a contact within the Sony Research and Development centre, and are touting an image of the PSP2, called PlayView. You can right click and 'View image' to see both images fullscreen."


The post has been updated to show it wasn't an Ironstar story. The fact the post still proves that PSP 2 image was faked is still legitimate, otherwise that picture would have been taken as fact by many.

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mjolliffe2993d ago

Wouldn't have bought it if it were real anyway. I want buttons!

sinncross2993d ago

Buttons ftw, with 2 analog nubs!

also, that screen is a bit big for a handheld I think. I mean, it looks cool and all but doesn't seem very portable friendly.

Red_Orange_Juice2993d ago

No buttons? I mean... what would Kevin Butler say?

FanOfGaming2993d ago

Don't mind even commenting on this bullshit article.

Treezy5042993d ago

Ironstar did not report this... just a stupid troll who wanted to discredit Ironstar by using the community blog...

Treezy5042993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

It's just plain sad

Fishy Fingers2993d ago

Nice try Ironstar.

If your going to do something like this, try and use something that people cant easily identify. It's difficult to trick internet ninjas.

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The story is too old to be commented.