Ubisoft has recently announced "Outland", a game inspired by the Prince of Persia series

In a world on the brink of destruction, the player will have to adapt to the ever-changing game world in the Outland. With inspiration taken from the Prince of Pers series and classic Ikaruga will be interesting to see what the Finnish developer Housemarque deliver. Housemarque has previously found success with "Super Stardust" games, which received good reviews from critics.
read more and see more of the upcoming european release of the next Ubisoft title Outland in the enclosed link.

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Panzerkanzler3022d ago

Outland? I hope it's starring Sean Connery!

RonRico3021d ago

Punch the keys for God's sake.

BattleAxe3021d ago

Ubisoft has totally lost touch with reality.....

TheLastGuardian3022d ago

I hope this game is as good as it looks.

Brklynty13021d ago

Ubisoft would do a sequel to prince of persia(2008) and improve everything like they did in AC2

Eamon3021d ago

PoP'08 didn't need improvement. It's only flaw was that the main game was a bit too easy. But it was still fun and the platforming was satisfyingly smooth. The epilogue added a bit more difficulty to the game though it was only like an hour long.

But yeah, we need a sequel to it. The story was actually pretty decent and Ubisoft loves their "big plot twists at the end."

I wonder why they haven't announced a sequel yet. Was there not enough sales?

LeonSKennedy4Life3021d ago

It had such a great story!

The gameplay got repetitive, but it was well done.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands SUCKS!!!

Give us Prince of Persia 2.


I think it's the other way around... Forgotten Sands still sucks but at least it still have sands of time powers, an ending and ENEMIES, which turner to be pretty important and make it the better game.

I would love to see PoP2 as much as you guys, the cell shaded PoP indeed had a lot more potential than PoP:TFS, but there was A LOT to be fixed, like having more enemies (the smokey guys were lame and few, only boss battles were worth), a better setting (not big deal, while navigating to healing grounds I always got the feeling the entire world has no ground as well as close areas don't appear to have a ceiling, as if it were floating... the art was good through), have sands that let us die (Elika saving was lame crap, only there so it became noob friendly) and harder platforms (it's stupidily easy as the next jump/trick is always aligned with the last one, no looking or centering skills needed, just keep pressing X to progress, sometimes O to rings or /\ to Elika pods, almost an QTE game)... Oh, and if it isn't asking much, maybe the ending could be on the disc... unlocked.

Eamon3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Actually the ending of PoP '08 was jaw-dropping unlike its epilogue.

So what if it's a cliffhanger. A decent ending doesn't have to be "complete."

The sands powers were only in the Sands of Time trilogy. It was never part of the original Prince of Persia games. Prince of Persia is known for it's platforming first.

As for the fighting, all of us Prince of Persia purists from the Sands of Time era know that the "combat" was the biggest flaw in the trilogy.

PoP'08's fighting, although still flawed, was a lot more fun than the button mashing of the SoT trilogy.

And there's nothing wrong with you getting saved by Elika. The whole point of Prince of Persia is figuring out its puzzles and platforming. It wasn't "noob friendly" at all. It basically saved us the time of restarting from a checkpoint or loading back the save from menu.

The "noob friendly" part of PoP'08 was how easy the gameplay was in terms of combat and platforming. There were only a couple of puzzles in the game but were very clever.

I too, cannot wait for a Prince of Persia 2.

jaosobno3021d ago

Looks like a very good download title. I love how these small download only games are having a true renaissance.

dirthurts3021d ago

I look forward to trying this one.
2D visuals will always have a certain flair that 3D can never touch.

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