Crazy Mass Effect 2 Stats and What They're Used For

IGN: When George Orwell wrote the dystopian novel 1984, he laid out a possible future in which the government watches everything in a heavy-handed approach to population and thought control. Big Brother was always watching, a concept that still sends chills down the spines of every privacy advocate out there. Thankfully, 1984 never came to be.

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-Mezzo-3022d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this Game, January can't come soon enough.

Red_Orange_Juice3022d ago

My shiny ps3 can't wait for some Mass Effect lovin

HeroXIV3022d ago

PS3 first timers to ME2, let's make sure we give 'em good stats. I expect no less than 400 playthroughs and I want us all to be paragon! PARAGON TO THE EXTREME.

Gilliand3022d ago

No, renegade.

On topic, that's weird how only 50% actually beat the game. it's single player so you think that would be higher.

Megaton3022d ago

Geez, 23 times on 360, 28 times on PC. Makes my 6 playthroughs on 360 look like chump change.

Motorola3022d ago

Cant wait for it in January. I wanna see why people would play it that much

Fred-G-Sanford3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is my GOTY so far, but there are still quite a few good games yet to drop.

T9X693022d ago

Being a PS3 and 360 owner and playing both Mass Effects, I feel bringing just Mass Effect 2 (And 3 I'm assuming) to PS3 is like a slap in the face. I really wish they could bring the first game over to PS3 as well, the story is so deep and the first game has many impacts on the 2nd one as well as the 3rd one. If you're going to bring a trilogy to another platform, you need to do just that, not parts of it. I know Bioware is going to do something to help PS3 only users understand, but nothing they can do will be as satisfying as being able to complete the first game and import your character to the 2nd one, and know what you did in the first one can effect the other 2 games.

The average completion time is 33 hours, the first game is a good 20 hours as well, and missing out on that and being physically able to play it and change the story and craft your character for the trilogy is a big deal IMO. The first game in ANY trilogy is usually the most important.

ExPresident3022d ago

I'm getting the first one in the mail for the PC just to get the whole picture of the story before the second one comes out. That being said it REALLY blows that I won't be able to enjoy the ability of porting my character over to the second one and moving on from there.

Gilliand3022d ago

I'm guessing Bioware will eventually release ME 1 on PS3 sometime before 3. ME2 is still being talked about and still has DLC being made, so I'm thinking that they're guessing that ME2 would sell more than if ME1 came out first. Maybe they will sell a trilogy pack or something for people who haven't played any.

bobcostus3022d ago

Unfortunately, they can't port ME1 to PS3 because Microsoft published it, and therefore owns the publishing rights. The only way it could happen, is if EA bought the rights from Microsoft. If there were going to do that, they would have done it already.

Honestly, if you already got or are getting ME1 for PC to get the whole story, you should just get ME2 for PC as well. (IMO)

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The story is too old to be commented.