IGN: Pre-GC 2007: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Hands-on

If you're up to date on your alternate dimension theories, then you'll know that some scientists believe there are potentially thousands of parallel universes running alongside each other. So, there's probably one dimension where Stalin did create his army of monkey-human hybrids and another where meteorite-dodging dinosaurs ride pedalos in clown suits. Of course, the alternate-reality depicted in WWII-based shooter Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a little less far-fetched, exploring what might have happened if the Nazis hadn't lost the war.

In fact there's something undeniably unsettling about the opening levels of Turning Point, which IGN had the chance to go hands-on with ahead of the game's official unveiling at the Leipzig Games Convention. It's an eerie sight, witnessing an invading army of huge battleships, speeding jet planes and blimps packed with machines, all adorned with Nazi insignias, swarming towards the shores of Manhattan.

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