Helghast Dominates The Fight

Ironstar Writes: The Helghast seem to be dominating everywhere! At PAX Prime 2010 they were not only dancing, they were also showing just how savage they were on other games being displayed.

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Cloudberry2940d ago

Awesome cosplay & great video, in my opinion.

ChozenWoan2940d ago

Still expected more "dirty" moves and maybe a knife kill to finish the game but still a nice vid.

I just wish the ISA had cool uniforms/gear.

Joule2940d ago should be on the shit list.

Treezy5042940d ago

yeah they were at E3 too it was awesome

MicroSony4Life2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

No way in hell they are combat Helghans.

ChozenWoan2940d ago

but even the IT guys have to go through basic training.

Just hate to think of what Radic would do to these guys back at the Academy if they joined under his watchful eye.

MicroSony4Life2940d ago

Helghans Trinning Acadamy IT division

StarScream4Ever2940d ago

He is just getting ready for CQC action against the ISA scum. >:D

FanOfGaming2940d ago

Hell yeah, that Helghast is working them biceps LOL

Treezy5042940d ago

Lol should have the karate kid music in another version "You're the best... around!"