Gran Turismo 5: Just How Real Is the Damage?

Gameplaybook gets a closer look at what real-time damage will do for cars in Polyphony Digital's upcoming racing game -- even though it seems kind of selective, depending on which car you have.

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seann2961d ago

damn was hoping those pics were fake. not sure i am going to play with damage on

talltony2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

. The damage looks incredible in this game.

Gran Touring2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

We haven't seen the damage engine in full effect; nothing mechanical, no panels lost, no glass broken, just deformation. We'll have to wait until the game is out for that.

On a side note, this topic seems to be getting a rather unusually high amount of attention for something that's still a work in progress...

Tsar4ever012961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Looks like Polypony Digital trying to appeal to EVERYBODIES wims is starting to backfire on them. Similating car damage on GT cars is CLEARLY not their fortae. And it clearly shows they deffinatly need CRITERION's expertise on this issue. But all cars games franchises have their strong appeals don't they? Criterion's best at crash & damage/particle effects, Slightly Mad Studios,(*NFS:S) gave us the best & realistic FP in-car cockpit camera view in any current driving game series. Turn 10 Studios (*Forza3) manly just trying to follow GT gave us "driver's assist" & in my opinion the best 3rd person/chase cam play in any driving sim. I guess all car franchise have their great point & weak appeals, I guess we gonna have to put up with it unless you want polyphony to DELAY the game
again to iron out ALL the damage effect issues.