360 Premium with HDMI in the UK next week

It's been known for ages that the 360 Elite, with its massive 120GB memory and HDMI spitting powers, is coming to the UK next week.

But T3 just found out that the Premium version packing HDMI capabilities will also be dropping in the next seven days.

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gta_cb3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

this is about the Xbox 360 Premium with HDMI being in the UK not about the Elite which was announced at E3 07.

Syko3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Thanks for the back up, Seems like more people just report stories rather than approve them. Then a couple monkeys follow right in behind them. That's why I ended up putting this in the report section:

This story is about the "PREMIUM "or "PRO" with HDMI. It mentions the Elite, but the story is about HDMI enabled PRO or Premium models. Please "RTFA" before reporting, you donkeys.

I beg of "Some" people "R"ead "T"he "F"uc#ing "A"rticle... Thank You =)

gta_cb3839d ago

no problem mate, its been approved now so all is good, good find by the way, i will be going down to my local retailer to see if i can spot one lol

SuperSaiyan43839d ago

It would be more interesting to know whether UK will be getting the new Falcon to be honest...

So basically the ONLY thing that makes the Elite and Elite is the 120GB hard drive??

LOL so lets all get a 120gb hard drive and sell our Premiums as ELITE's lol!!

Oh wait no...we are now missing a HDMI connection thanks for shafting us once again Microshaft!

So our Premiums are now obsolete with a HDMI less connection...GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! !!!!!!

Toxic Shock3839d ago

Excellent news. I wonder how hard it will be to track one of these down, next week.

Now we just need the price cut MS.

gta_cb3839d ago

just look at the boxes for "including HDMI"

Toxic Shock3839d ago

I was thinking more in line with, How many units will they release over here. From what went on in the states it might be the same slow trickle of units.

gta_cb3839d ago

woops my bad, sorry mate i thought you must have missed the article saying that the new models with HDMI has it written on the side of the box, sorry.

yeh will be interesting to see how many are available etc, could be quite alot soon as though amazon are already pre-ordering them.

SuperSaiyan43839d ago

Oh well you can never win.

Anyways yeah Australia, USA and Canada have a price cut and we are sitting here twiddling our thumbs!

I doubt we will get a price cut Microsoft will milk us for our current exchange rate to make up for the price cuts everywhere else!

tudors3839d ago

The Elite is not just a premium with a large hard-drive, you get all sorts of extras including the HDMI cable.

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The story is too old to be commented.