P*N Preview: Portal 2 Co-Op = Mind Blown

"As I stepped into Valves booth, I felt like the rotten apple among the hard core fans just waiting to get a peek at the new co-op feature in Portal 2. To be perfectly honest I like Portal but my level of interest in its sequel was medium at best. In my mind I wasn’t quite sure if there would be something that would make me put down the cash for a day one purchase. With a little skepticism I was very much expecting more of the same." via Jose Adrovet of Platform Nation.

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goldensfree2997d ago

cant wait for this n steam to hit psn XD

JobForARockStar2997d ago

but it never will be. Steam will never be on Psn either. Only steamworks so valve can can update their games on their own terms without having to go through psn. It'd be sweet to buy those steam pc games on psn. They have so many awesome deals. Lol I don't even know how to play with a keyboard and mouse. Seems way to hard.