Best Buy begins Kinect for Xbox 360 advertising

Best Buy Co. Inc. this week began advertising Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect hardware for Xbox 360 in its weekly circular.

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LeeRoyJenkins2997d ago

We should all praise King Ballmer for this joyous occasion.

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Lifendz2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Can't wait to watch those floor demonstrations. "Please do not walk in front/behind/or near the person using Kinect. Please do not attempt to do any complicated maneuvers. If you injure yourself neither Best Buy or MS are liable. Have fun!"

DarkFantasy2997d ago Show
FCOLitsjustagame2997d ago

This really doesnt seem news-worthy unless Best Buy is setting up demos for it. Otherwise it seems like business as usual. In fact I thought you could already preorder it from Best Buy.

Hacking2997d ago

Kinect pre-ordes are rising and is in the TOP 10 at while Move is nowhere to be seen.

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Why o why2997d ago

and has games

one doesnt

and has flapware

answers on a postcard

CrAnKiTuP_012997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Good for it. I'm still getting Move. :)

edit: Lol:

Move is at top 20, while KINECT is nowhere to be seen... Oh that's hilarious xD

Chris3992997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Kinect is #51 as of this time, being outsold by both the single Move controller and the Bundle (#20 and #21, respectively). Halo and its associated bundles are doing well though, so there's something for you to be happy about (if you own MS stock).

Is it just me, or are fanboys getting stupider? It takes one min on Google to fact check something like this before shooting off your mouth.

N4PS3Fanboys2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Move is one week from release so it should be A LOT higher. Kinect is still 2 months from release and it's not far behind Move. I'm sure it will be in the Top 3 right around release.

Chris3992997d ago

I wasn't arguing the metric or the site that he was referencing. I was disputing his claim that Kinect was in the "Top 10", which it clearly wasn't.

The problem with Hacking and a lot of members on this site, is that they just rhyme off whatever pops into their brains without an ounce of thought.

YOUR-MUM2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Do the math , Ps Move is out in a week or so. It has been in the chart for 41 days and it is already falling places. Now kinect on the other hand has been in the chart for 84 days, still a couple of months from launch and climbing.

Really i care for niether device really been a keen pc gamer, though the sh*t that comes from some peoples mouths on here is shocking. Is it any wonder that pc gamers hate to be associated with console gamers.

Dojan1232997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I am not claiming I know what to look for but I just went to Amazon. Under best sellers (video games) the Move was 20 and Kinect was 51.

I might be looking at the wrong list but I did not see what you were talking about.

We must have been typing around the same time... I guess I was looking at the right thing.

Nitrowolf22997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

idk where are those pre-order chart for amazon (i don't use it that much)
in gaming best selling MOVE is 44
Kinect is 51
they are close

Edited: see what list is everyone else seeing MOVE at 20, my list shows mario and 360 controller

o there a link thx chris

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kaveti66162997d ago

Best Buy is a terribly overpriced store. I saw them advertising PS3 console installations for $129.99. You pay them 130 bucks and they come install your PS3 for you. And some people are made to believe that it's really complicated so they think it's worth paying. Fuck Best Buy.

Why o why2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

some people really do not know how to set their systems up properly therefore they are somewhat exploited.

002997d ago

How can you not take advantage of people so stupid, hell if I was them I would probably to the same thing.

CrAnKiTuP_012997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

How hard is it to plug in a few wires and press the power button??? Geez, then all it asks you is to set up what time it is, and you're all set. :/

If I get $130 from doing that, then hell yeah I'm ALL FOR IT. Lazy people deserve it.

BeOneWithTheGun2997d ago

that just gave me an idea. I should put an ad in the local soccer moms newspaper that says,

"Don't pay high priced retail stores to install your new electronic equipment! I will do a full, custom install AND give you a 30 minute tutorial all for $49.99! Call Now!"

etownone2997d ago

Dear Microsoft,

I DARE you to put out playable demos at the local best buys and gamestop!!!

Sunny_D2997d ago

Lol, probably not going to happen. MS want to trick the consumer into thinking Kinect is revolutionary and does everything it promised perfectly. If they did have playable demos, people will see it's a load of hogwash and most likely not buy it. Which MS doesn't want happening.

Why o why2997d ago

I know you're preference but you dont seem to like what you've seen. Sometimes people who express their doubts are labeled as haters...luckily you are immune from that.

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