DiRT: PS3 vs Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

Side by side graphics comparison of Colin McRae: DiRT on the PS3 and Colin McRae: DiRT on the Xbox 360. It's nice that it runs better, and the lighting, in some ways, look better, but it's definitely a downgrade, despite waiting all this time. At least based on the demos. 360 ones are on the left, PS3 on the right.

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ENNO3987d ago

PS3 is a bit smother but not for $600 i want the comparison to be like the COD4 comparison,where the PS3 whoops the 360's ass

timmyp533987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

the screenshots are not even from the same time of day.

Edit: Just look at the can u disagree?

Im expecting at least 20 disagrees for my simple logic.

Mr Murda3987d ago

Pretty sure the CoD developers already explained why there was a difference in those shots. We'll see when the final release comes out and then there will be a real comparison. I'm just saying that you can count your eggs before they hatch.

In all of these platform comparisons using in game footage, there is never much difference. However, in every case so far, the 360 has had the slight edge in graphics/lighting in these multi platform games. I don't think it has to do with the tech in the PS3, but rather in the familiarity with developing for it. I'm just giving my take on situation. :P

VaeVictus3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

@ 1.1 you're right.

Look at the headlights on the car on the bottom. I wonder if this person is comparing the demo's or the game vs the demo?

Looks like an xbot trying to start crap.

@ 1.4 The dev's said that CoD 4 will look IDENTICAL. Get your head out of your anus.

@ 1.5 The PS3 version is the demo as the completed game hasn't been released yet.

socomnick3987d ago

the call of duty screenshots were from 2 different builds ps3 being a newer build and can you honestly think that they are going to make the ps3 version look better when they picked the xbox 360 version for the beta. The xbox 360 version is gonna look better just wait.

A Man3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

The colours are dark, fuzzy and washed out on the ps3 version.... 360 wins again. Is that the ps3 demo or the full game.. i would wait for the full game people then we can see what version really looks better.

rubarb233987d ago

if it was the other way around and the ps3 version looked better than the 360 version, then all you ps fanboys would be doing the same as we are. thus far it's a proven fact that all mutliplatform games either look the same or are better on the 360 version. I know no ps3 owner would agree with me, but don't worry i understand it hurts to drop $600.00 and have an inferior version of a mutliplatform game time after time.

Ju3987d ago

No it doesn't. You can discuss this up and down. I don't really care. For me the game works on the PS3. I have no 360. Why would I care? Do you think the game is unplayable and I go in a corner everyday crying? What's wrong with you guys. These are minor details! Nothing more. I can't even tell which version is better. E.g. a screenshot can't even show if the game runs smooth, the physics is OK and what not. Who gives a damn.

I just don't think Dirt plays too good, though. The driving mechanic is way to generic, it's hard to "slide" with just a little break on. The car stops way to fast on a dirt road. It is still to arcade. It looks great, though. But if e.g. you play ATV4 in comparison, you miss the final kick in the driving. It's nice that you can run over signs besides the road. But IMO visuals alone is not enough with almost no game play improvements (nah, back to Motorstorm - where I start sweat'n 'n after a while).

eLiNeS3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

"I just don't think Dirt plays too good" that's because you're playing it on a PofS3!!!

It's funny, for the same amount of money the Fony fandroids get less of a game months later with less trees, less people, less detail, with no achievements, and get powned by the Xbox 360 once again!!!

Best just sell the PofS3 and Jump In! Get an Xbox 360, there's some great deals to be had with Top Shelf AAA games right NOW!!!


N4G, it's not my fault, this site has made me anti Sony!!!

Ju3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

You are an complete id!ot!

If I would, I'd buy a (cite) "LagBox PleaseFixMe" to add it to my PS3. Why would I want to miss out on RFoM, Motorstorm, Lair, HS, KZ2, R&C, Haze, UT3 just to play Halo3, AceCombat6 (want a PS3 version!) or the game I already forgot the name of (and sorry, no Bioshock for me. Great game, but not my cup of tea).

eLiNeS3986d ago

No, You are a complete id!ot! You are the one with a PofS3, not me!

Why would anyone buy a PofS3 when there is no games for it and cost $600 to much? You should have bought a 360 and had some real games to play and then when some decent games come out for the PofS3 and they clearance off some of the 80GB then maybe buy. But no, you where a complete id!ot that bought way to early and now calling people complete id!ots because of your stupidity. Thanks, I appreciate that.

Gizmo_Logix3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Maybe we should wait for the finished PS3 game, ya think? I don't trust that site. Seems like they are making things up..."patchy grass?" Yeah and? Take a look at the sky on the PS3. It looks better. Take a look at the fence detail. Also, better.


P.S. The PS3 Dirt Demo looks pretty good considering it's a demo.

MadMax3986d ago

Sure kid, PS3 has yet to beat the 360 in the graphics department. People need to just get over it already and accept the fact that the 360 blows away PS3 when it comes to graphics, frame rate and GAMES period!

SlappyMcTaint3986d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night. By the way, how many 360's have Red-Ringed on you so far? 2? 3? 5?

DeadlyFire3986d ago

Here is what I see.

On the first screen with the Idle car the X360 version is brighter, and the PS3 version is a little darker. Nothing else is even any bit different.

On the second screen I see the same difference as well as another difference. The ground looks more detailed on the PS3 version could just be based on opinion though. Also, the X360 version the car is actually a bit closer to that fork in the road than the PS3 version. PS3 version has car on left side of track and not near the same spot at all. Very bad photo to compare.

On the third screen I see same with PS3 version being darker and different texture for the dirt. I see something else as well the treeline is further back. It is still there though. Also, the seating in the upper left section on the X360 game is full and the PS3 version has noone up there.

On the forth screen I see same darker PS3 version. This screen is good to compare though. Lets see bright grass fields with little flowers on the X360 version. PS3 version is littler darker yet the lighting looks more natural.

On the last one again the PS3's darker lighting, yet it looks more natural. It could of been done a little better on the PS3 side on this one, but either way its still good looking.

None of this really effects either version though. The gameplay is still the same. So what does it matter? The whole game is stil there. :P

SlappyMcTaint3986d ago

One of the biggest diffferences between the two is the vehicle shadows: the 360's are all blurry and low-res, and the PS3's actually take the car shape, just blurred out a bit, like a real shadow would cast on the ground.

PS3 ftw.

djt233986d ago

what the hell are you looking at

ASSASSYN 36o3986d ago

Largest disagrees I have ever seen. I guess we are not supposed to remember the cod4 editor comments on cod4 and the fact the 360 version is a older build.

Omegasyde3986d ago

Seriously you idiots are arguing over a demo vs a final product!!!!

Any fanoboy that even argues for either side and doesn't state that facts that its a DEMO VS A FINAL PRODUCT, needs to recheck their logic patterns and perhaps get a cat scan or a MRI.

This is like competing both version of VIRTUA FIGHTER 5(in graphics) saying that the PS3 VERSION, looks better DESPITE the 360 version being still in the damn ALPHA STAGE!

Wow whats next? Arguing about which SYSTEM TURNS ON FASTER??????

ericbs3986d ago

Every single time i see someone say the ps3 version of a game is worse, i either hear that it is just lazy developers or the game isnt that good anyways. What the hell guys, if you keep it up i wouldnt be surprised if they just dont bother to go through all the trouble to make a decent game for the ps3. It would be a relief to me as a game developer not to hear bashing of how lazy or crap our game is if one version is inferior.

So my answer to that they are just lazy, this seems to be becoming a trend so mabye sony should try harder to help out developers so there aren't complaints of difficult programming.

And my answer to that the game isnt good anyways, well i think you sound like idiots. I can imagine if every single game that you made this comment was not coming to the ps3 anymore, there would be a hell of alot of angry people.

If you disagree, just look at any ps3 vs xbox 360 game threads and then tell me im wrong.

Ri0tSquad3986d ago

Funny how you the PS3 is doomed when your system has the biggest failure rate.

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alexander22rednaxela3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I own a PS3 and this is just another sting from the 360, if things dont improve? :(

Enno you should read what the developes said about that, they said the 360 footage was way older than the PS3`s.

Honeal2g3987d ago

if this were say november 2008 then maybe it would be a big deal but this should be expected .... and its really not a big deal

urban bohemian3987d ago

Good to see someone with a gears of war avatar say something positive about the ps3, probably the first time ever on this site. I'm glad you didn't say 'gears of war rulz every1 with a ps3 is a n00b'!

Bubble for you!

eLiNeS3986d ago

Maybe Fony will come out with some Free classes, kind of like AAA, to deal with the pain. LOL


N4G, it's not my fault, this site has made me anti Sony!!!

MikeGdaGod3986d ago

you sound like a straight up b! talk all this sh!t but your arguement holds no water.

#1) $600 is only alot of money to people that dont have it. if you had the money, you could spend it. plain and simple. i got shoes that cost more than $600. you need to step your game up if your broke. i could see if sony was over charging like apple is with the iPhone but they're the ones taking a loss. i dropped that $600 without a second thought and never once have i thought i made the wrong choice.

#2) the games are always slow coming out on new systems. this is something i'm sure everyone that bought the ps3 knew before they bought it.

you keep saying the same thing over and over but you just sound f*ckin stupid. if your broke ass cant afford a ps3 right now just say so and leave it at that. if i were to listen to idiots like you, i would've got rid of my 360 right after i got it cus it had absolutely NO games until Gears. maybe if you spent more time tryin to get your money right and not spamming this site, you'd be better off. p*ssy

RRoD3986d ago

ever since I bought a ps3 off of craigslist (i'm not worried about a warrenty, I know it's not going to break, HA) my roommate's 360 has not been used by anyone i live with. and i live with 10 college students. he's always whining "let's play some halo"

guess what? im sick as F*CK playing halo. everytime you ask me that i want to punch you in the face. get some games i want to play and i'll consider it.

note: i heard TheMart likes to have sex with men.

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xaphanze3987d ago

except for the lighting,everything looks pretty much the same. I think they will work on that.
Notice in the last pic that the 360 version doesnt have the lights on while the ps3 version does have the light on and the ps3 version is darker. It just would mean that the ps3 version is at a different time from the 360 version.

alexander22rednaxela3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

The driver probably just mashed up the lights, in an accident.

Xaphance; read what gameplanet says under the pictures, they sayd the PS3 runns 60fps and 360 30fps, though the PS3 version is grsphicly downgraded.

Antan3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

30 fps on both machines.

Violater3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

then you can do all the comparisons you want.

Games developed for the PS3 will always look better than ports.

RadientFlux3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Idiot welcome to my ignore list

EDIT: Just to clarify he was added to my ignore list for this gem "ohh remember to keep that ticking time bomb cool while you are playing Bioshock"

nirwanda3987d ago

the ps3 was the lead platform the game engine was developed with the help of sony and still the port looks better on the 360 even if it is much smoother on the ps3

SilvaSurfa3987d ago

Games developed from the Ground up on the PS3 will always look better than games ported from the Xbox360 to the PS3. This is common knowledge.

"4.1 -
Idiot welcome to my ignore list"

Umm yeah... 4.1 you just earned a nice spot on my ignore list for your ignorance.


InMyOpinion3987d ago

Games developed exclusively on the 360 will also always look better than ports...

A Man3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

You mean the game where there is no drift or sense of speed. They call it the real driving sim. Hahaha. Real driving sims are games like forza and live for speed. Physics suck on GT, every car feels the same. Tuning options are limited, there is no crash damage (bumper cars anyone?) 1000 skylines and no porsches. Its a dead franchise much like the colin mcrae series IMO. You can have your real driving sim hahaha. We get forza and GTR, you lose:(

Edit: OK then JUNK why does it still play like shyt. I got myself GT4 back in 2005, and i still cant believe how bad the physics are. I got myself the official wheel (DFP) and i was still disappointed. Its strange how games like R factor, LFS, GTR, Forza, Toca, Richard burns rally are all more realistic when it comes to everything and still more easy to go by. Hmmm Strange

junk563987d ago


.....gran turismo can sell consoles, forza can not. and you're saying that its a dead franchise.

gran turismo 1 - best selling ps1 game ever, 10.5 million
gran turismo 2 - 10 million copies worldwide
gran turismo 3 - best selling ps2 game ever, 15 million
gran turismo 4 - 8 million worldwide

forza 1 - 1 million worldwide
forza 2 - Not even 1 million yet

so as you can see. gran turismo pushes consoles sales whether it be worse or better than forza so stop being a fanboy and suck it up. it's way more alive than forza

anh_duong3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )


no drift?? wonder what glue you are sniffing.. there is a drift mode in gt4 ps3 demo so somehow i think the gt5 version will have drift.

as for sense of speed.. seems like you are the only person in n4g who has played gt5..

i.e. if you are going to make comments make sure you don't stick your foot in your mouth whilst you are doing it... stupid fanboy

Gizmo_Logix3986d ago

"ohh remember to keep that ticking time bomb cool while you are playing Bioshock"

Actually RaidentFlux. That was funny! TIme bomb! LOL!

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Vip3r3987d ago

Comparison videos are usually better.

tplarkin73987d ago

Those images are pretty telling, though. Less grass, less details, poor lighting, shorter draw distance, are all evident in the PS3 version.