Under Siege for PS3: First Video, PlayStation Move Details

Filipe Pina on Playstation Blog writes:

"Hi everyone! We’re proud to present Under Siege to the readers of the PlayStation.Blog. In a nutshell:

* Under Siege is a real-time strategy game exclusive to the PS3 and the PSN store.
* It includes a juicy single player campaign as well as online and local multiplayer content.
* The in-game Editor enables players to create their own maps and share them with the world!"

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Godmars2903020d ago

Wonder if Namco will ever get off their butts and make an actual Gundam STG game again. Not just fan service SRW titles.

jack_burt0n3020d ago

User created campaigns is f**king WIN.

Cloudberry3020d ago ShowReplies(2)
yoshiro3020d ago

its seems that this plays well with move

pippoppow3020d ago

Very nice option after a keyboard and mouse setup. Looks like it works very well. Much better than a control pad.

This game has me very interested in Move now. Move and more importantly it's games keep getting more impressively interesting.

Moentjers3020d ago

wow, simply replaces the mouse. But with a lot more buttons.

matnum3019d ago

What was the name of that thing your typing on again...

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The story is too old to be commented.