Super Mario Galaxy: First Impressions

Many people have taken it to mean that Galaxy is a footstep-following sequel to the N64 classic. It's not. After a lengthy hands-on with the E3 demo (plus a couple of extra levels), it becomes clear that Super Mario Galaxy its own game: a blend of some of the best bits from both 3D and 2D Mario tradition, with a number of very distinctive twists. It's far more New than New Super Mario Bros ever was.

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ENNO4017d ago

mario can suc ma bals....i want solid snake:P

marison4017d ago

Do you wanna a *Solid* *Snake* for what?

Please, do not respond!

Just kidding... I couldn't lose this opportunity!

bym051d4017d ago

That game is looking great. It is *the* game I'm most excited about.

And I liked Mario Sunshine. :P

Kholinar4016d ago

Can't wait.

I see what they mean about it being it's own game and not 64's successor, but 64 had a feeling or mood with music, movement and setting that was very different from anything before or after. I'm open to this being it's own game, but having a feeling like that (all its own) would be welcome indeed.

shodown194016d ago

While I'm looking foward to checking this game out, I'm looking foward to the new NiGHTS game even more.

Kholinar4016d ago

Seems like NiGHTS will be a great fit on the Wii. I hope they drop the voiceover guy though... imagine him guiding you through the game, with an occasional advertisement... O_o

NiGHTS made me jealous back in the day, I wasn't sure about the Dreamcast, but I wanted that game. Panzer Dragoon was the same way.

I hope Galaxy will have the same draw.

ItsDubC4016d ago

OMG NiGHTS and Panzer Dragoon were two of my favorite games back in the day (along w/ Virtua Fighter 2). Truly some of the best gaming. How I wish I still owned my Saturn...

I'm actually more excited about SMG than NiGHTS, but only slightly. Both seem to be definitive year-end purchases.

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