Enslaved review - 86% in GamesMaster

The first review for promising Ninja Theory adventure Enslaved has arrived via GamesMaster magazine.

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aviator1892814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Although I don't think it will reach to Uncharted 2 standards as many sites and magazines have claimed.
The game does look fun though, which is a plus!

Cloudberry2814d ago

More than enough for me to purchased it.

Especially from Action-Adventure genre.

Quagmire2814d ago

Too many FPS games, not enough action adventure

Day 1 for me

UnSelf2814d ago

ninja theory completely put me off from purchasing this game with their consistent (and annonying) negative talk about their first IP, Heavenly Sword

Biggest2814d ago

If this ends up better than Heavenly Sword I will be pleasantly surprised. I'm buying the game.

yoshiro2814d ago

86 is a great score...
ninja theory is a very talented team...and this game proves it

Rampaged Death2814d ago

I just hope the story and gameplay isn't as bland as Heavenly Sword.

albel_nox2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

This is a game I don't even need to see review scores for. I just know it will be awesome. Looking forward to picking this up October 5th.

ironcreed2814d ago

Hm, I am so on the fence with this game. At times I think it looks like something completely refreshing, other times it comes off as a bland escort mission with a mish-mash of gameplay styles. In short, I want it, but I don't, lol. Anyone else facing this with this game?

TrailerParkSupervisr2814d ago

It looks cool but I HATE ESCORT MISSIONS! So, all I do is go to my GameFly Que and see all the games coming out in October and November and, well, Enslaved is not a priority.

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The story is too old to be commented.