The Uncertain Future of Gaming

"Remember when all anyone expected from the future of video games was improved graphics? Just waiting for the day when games could look as amazing as a Final Fantasy cutscene, but playable. While many games today are really good-looking, we’re still not there yet. But now, this is the least of concerns. The fluidity and graphics are passé. The thing to really wonder about is where games in general will go."

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halo4fan2993d ago

games need to just focus on mechanics now and making everything as lifelike as possible, instead of graphics and motion control

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UnSelf2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

this might be my last gen of gaming

seriously, its only gonna get worst with: DRM, DD, DLC, Subscriptions, P2P lag, pay to play, rehashes and casual market appeal

lolzers2993d ago

Sorry you feel that way. But you'd be missing out on all the great games that will appear regardless of those reasons to skip it.

It's so depressing sometimes seeing all the negative comments on this site. 25 years ago gaming was so basic it was like a world away from what's out now. But it's never enough for some people, it's all 'boo hoo' this and 'boo hoo' that.

Get a grip.

UnSelf2993d ago

oh so because im personally dissatisfied with the turn gaming seems to have taken im a whiney runt?

games are just games, and nothing more. It seems you are the one who making them much more than what they seem

im actually quite satisfied with this gen possibly being my last. im getting older and i have to reprioritize my lifestyle

lolzers2993d ago

Fair enough, no one's stopping you. Sometimes people lose the urge to game. That might be what's happening to you. Personally I'm looking forward to what's coming.

And yeah, you did come off a bit whiney. But maybe I was a bit harsh.

smoothdude2993d ago

I don't know why you are limiting gaming to the three console makers. The future of gaming is very bright with PC Gaming, OnLive streaming, Apple iPad and iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile. Also Leapfrog for children has become very popular. My personal opinion is that 3d Controls are a means to get to virtual reality, not a final product yet. We are now seeing a return to 2d games after a couple of generations of 3d, and I think that the same will be with controls.

I think the question becomes can a console do both traditional controls or does having two control methods diminish developer support as not everyone owns the proper controller.

I will say that if you are getting into game development, then you will have the opportunity to help create the future. My buddy who owns his own studio was telling me about a controller currently in development that can stimulate your mind into thinking that you are holding different objects. If you have a wooden bat on the screen it would feel like a wooden bat, and the same time if you were holding a metal weapon it could change and feel like metal.

Zinc2993d ago

If that's true about the controller mind technology, that is at once both very cool and somewhat scary.

ChrisPriestman2993d ago

I'm fed up of publishers and adverts trying to push the latest tech etc. Yes new tech is awesome...for about a month. Then what? An interesting game shouldn't need 3D or motion control, it should be interesting through it's core, it's initial design. It's the same with films, what difference does it really make if I am watching it in 3D? Waste of money.

karatechoplifter2993d ago

You're absolutely right. I spend a lot of time playing games that I missed out on 5, 10, 15 years ago, and they're really fun to play even now. Trip-A games are Trip-a games, no matter when they're made or what engine they use.

Xanatos20002993d ago

I don't have a problem with motion control in concept, but they should SUPPLEMENT normal controls instead of succeeding