Threespeech reveal Warhawk UK Pricing - PSN Only £20

Threespeech have revealed the release date for the different versions of Warhawk for Europe, and along with it the price:

"Warhawk: They're "aiming for" August 28 on the PSN, at what we think is a very decent price of £19.99. The retail version, bundled with a Jabra bluetooth headset, is due September 21 at £39.99."

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SuperSaiyan43902d ago

Arent those blue-tooth headsets more than £20? So it would make sense to get the one with the game and headset and on I think its much cheaper than £40 best go pre-order it.

However the game does look rather boring and mediocre and being online only not my thing either I want some single player action as well as online.

Couldn't they fit a single player on the blu-ray disc??

gta_cb3902d ago

... come on, why ask stupid questions, of course they could fit single player campain etc on it, but its just an online game like Shadowrun for the Xbox 360 is. still, a just online game should be cool as they dont have to concentrate on the single player mission etc, so should be pretty cool.

as for the price its very good, if you dont like wires and dont have a wireless headset then you should pre-order this

Bazookajoe_833902d ago

I saw some post you did earlier were you try to thrashtalk Sony on Dirt comparison.

And with this im gonna asume youre full of shiit, is this correct?

Vip3r3902d ago

Yeah on it's £32.99

I'll be getting it retail for the headset and because the game is on BD.

ENNO3902d ago

just cause its on BD doesnt make it better,its still the same game only with a headset!

Vip3r3902d ago


Bravo, but I'd rather have my game on BD as a hardcopy incase anything goes wrong or if I have to change my HDD. Plus you are getting the headset for £13.

Delive3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Having a disk protects you incase your HDD crashes, but downloading it protects you if something happens to your disk. You just download it again, no need to pay for another copy if you cannot play the disk anymore (Stolen, broken, unreadable...) Both have advantages, but I'll be downloading mine. Already have a headset and plenty of room on the HDD (200GB.)

San anto3902d ago

yes but think of the advantage of the Download, u can share the download with 4 friends and slash the price several times, warhawk will cost me a measly fiver.

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SuperSaiyan43902d ago

About the single player thing on the disc lol.

I need to see some reviews of the full game if its really that good I might get the retail version, I rather have a disc and case its just nice to be able to 'touch and hold' something that you have bought lol.

Also you get the headset, I wonder if it will have the name Warhawk down the side - black headset with that name would be cool!

ENNO3902d ago

were you not just bashing the PS3 in the last comment i read from you?saying you can only get 250 squid for it in game...and now you want this game?hmmmmmm

LeShin3902d ago

£19.99?! Nice one Sony. Perfect price for a game I know i'll be wasting MANY hours on! I already have a headset so I'll be downloading this.

mighty_douche3902d ago

£20 off PSN?? suck me off... thats a bargin!

dont bother getting it with the headset tho, just pick on up on ebay, starting from just a few quid!

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