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Nowgamer reviews EyePet: Move Edition on PS3 - "If you want to a more detailed review of what EyePet is all about, check out our original EyePet review. This review is all about what differences it makes now that EyePet can be played with the Move controller. If you have the game already, there’s a free update to allow you to play it with Move and if you don’t, EyePet: Move is suitably cheap, so we’re not going to argue that there aren’t enough new features for a re-release."

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Good review.

Good game for kids.

Motorola2995d ago

My sisters gonna love this for some reason.

JohnApocalypse2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

This game looks like it won't have a long lasting appeal

bananasNmonkeys2995d ago

Dude its a kids game.
Its not going to have 12 on 12 team deathmatch.

JohnApocalypse2995d ago

I know. This could be the same thing with kids if they play allot of games

Bell Boy2995d ago

It is a family game aimed at younger kids, I am not expecting 20+ hours of gameplay and online multi player.

If like me you have a 4 year old you will be able to play this with the whole family and delight at the wonder your kids display.

The lasting appeal is that you can enjoy your gaming hobby alongside the youngest family members

A Cupcake for Gabe2995d ago

True. I'm buying this for my 4year old daughter. She will love it and I'll reap the trophies

Alcohog2995d ago

You said it brother, IMO this is a must buy for anyone with a toddler. If they do a Move bundle this will be what persuades me to buy, then for all the current games with Move support I can benefit by owning it for a good reason.

IrishYamato2995d ago

My little sisters will love this- all 35 of them.

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