Talking through the differences of Dragon Ball Z: Goku Densetsu on DS

When it comes to games based on the hugely popular kids anime, Dragon Ball Z, the one thing you can expect is plenty of martial arts action. Yet the latest example, Dragon Ball Z: Goku Densetsu, gives the series a different spin. According to Ryo Mito, the game's producer at Namco Bandai, it's more of a return to source. PocketGamer caught up with him to find out the details.

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SuperSaiyan43902d ago

As soon as it said it was a card based game thats when I got cheesed off and shut the browser!!

I highly preferred the DS version of the DBZ game as it had far better moves and super moves over the 2 PSP versions that are just plain boring after a while and they bring this out???

gta_cb3902d ago

i hate most card based games although Yu-Gi-Oh was ok, anyway there is only to series to buy DBZ on and thats the Budokai and Tenkaichi series although i will say that Tenkaichi 1 was a let down, i completed it within one day and there is soo little transformations available.

Honor_in_Armor3902d ago

Legendary of the Super Saiyan for SNES? That was a card-based game/rpg that I really liked. You could walk around or even fly, find bosses and dragonballs, etc. I only hoped that there was a sequel for it though...