Chrome 2 not dead, new screenshots

Techland's futuristic shooter is, apparently, not dead at all. After four years of absence new screenshots have surfaced to prove the title is still very much alive.

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2late2961d ago

the first one was the crysis of its time (in terms of gameplay)

Letros2961d ago

It was that good? I never got around to playing it, but if it was like Crysis then I may go back and try it out, Crysis was really fun.

2late2961d ago

it had its ups and downs compared to crysis but it's still the closest thing to it

- the levels were more open ended and you could choose your inventory and one of two drop of points before each mission
- more focus on vechicles (including mechs)
- more super powers
- inventory system

it was a pretty good yet underrated game

2late2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

plus 3 endings

Red_Orange_Juice2961d ago

Yea, Chrome was so much fun, I remember this game. Jungle levels were great with snipers.

Bluemaster772961d ago

Cool Sauce I actually liked the first one

rumplstilts2961d ago

Those are some beautiful screens!

I am so excited! I am buying my new gaming PC in two days :D

FwanK2961d ago

Chromehounds was only the reason i bought an xbox 360

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