PS3 Jailbreak: Modders Defend Hack

NowGamer speaks with the hackers responsible for the recent PS3 Jailbreak, to learn why they did what they did, how they did it and what it means for the future of the homebrew and commercial scene.

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AnttiApina2997d ago

As much as I like to jailbreaking my PSP and Iphone to get more out of it like emulators and other fun stuff made by the users, I think that PS3 wouldn't get nearly as popular as the handheld ones.

fastrez2997d ago

Not as popular in terms of people jailbreaking or people making homebrew titles?

8-bit2997d ago

If homebrew community takes off on PS3 then I might just have to buy a second console to mod and keep offline if necessary. I would love to play Dreamcast games, NES, SNES, Genesis, homebrew apps. I bet the homebrew community could enable a lot of those features that PS3 users have been asking for on PSblog like the ability to hit the home button when you receive a message and have it pull up instantly instead of having to navigate to it.

PopEmUp2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

lol what a joke, the Ps3 just been Jailbreak recently if it been jailbreak the same time as the PSP you wouldn't speak foolish about it would you?

kaos_fish II2997d ago


What the fuck are you going on about.. Homebrew? Homebrew was fucking available on the PS3 when we still had Linux - BUT no, thanks to fucks like the modders and you that was taken from us..

Tell the truth - the only reason you sad little pricks want this Jailbreak is to copy games - that's right games.. you have no desire whasoever for homebrew - it was always the games..

Go Fuck Yourself, Pirate

ThanatosDMC2997d ago

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Bubbles up.

Biggest2997d ago

They love to justify themselves. Please, one of you be truthful. You're all scum bags. At least be a scum bag with pride and say you hoped for a hack so that you could steal games.

DeadIIIRed2997d ago

It's sad that these people don't realize how much they actually hurt the gaming industry with crap like this. There is no justification for pirating. Bubbles sir.

sonnyz2997d ago

Its not very nice to label all pirates as scumbags. Unless you've never downloaded music illegally, ran cracked programs, watched a pirated movie, or eaten grapes at the grocery store without paying for them, you shouldn't judge. I'm a software developer that believes all software should be free. I distribute all my software online, free for everyone to use. I wouldn't say that makes me a scumbag.

Gilliand2997d ago

No that just make you a dumb businessman.

badz1492997d ago

homebrew my ass! although noticeably unavailable to slim users, the old model HAD linux and homebrew was a given with THAT on-board but somebody thinks that he's so smart and eventually abused the use of it resulting to the removal of the feature and all others were fvcked up! the 1st thing available for others to see when the JB was 1st announced was the backup manager and all pirates were going gaga over that very feature and now they want to justify the exploit?

"for the future of the homebrew and commercial scene" - homebrew in the form of HDD loader and commercial in the form of pirates making money off other people's work especially in the 3rd world countries!

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tdrules2997d ago

comparing iphone to PS3 is daft.
The PSP has been absolutely annihalated by piracy

BubbleSystemSuck2997d ago

PSP hardware sales are good...

yewles12997d ago

Final Fantasy Disidia...

Karooo2997d ago

its already 3 years after PS3 launched, time to boost sales over xbox, software support doesnt matter, new console will come in 2 years anyway.

That's why you dont see firmware update.

Mc Fadge2997d ago

Every company wants their products open to piracy! That's why consoles tend to sell at a loss so that they can make back the money on all the titles they sell... Oh wait.

Karooo2997d ago

why do you think it took 4 years? think about it.

Its about time it got hacked time go to no 1.

Elvfam5112997d ago

You on crack or something.... please take a day or two off n4g....

BkaY2997d ago

wow dude seriously..?

and what about developers... thts their bread and butter... you know how many ppl are downloading psp, xbox games... you cant even imagine...


ndibu2997d ago

Sony wants piracy on their console to generate hardware sales. Thats why they spent tens of thousands taking them to court. Thats why they removed OS, because they WANT piracy. Lmao. Shame dude, you out of ways to fight off the psjailbreak defense force?
We are formidable aren't we? Denial task farce, where are you?

Karooo2997d ago

its a waste, no one uses and sony needs to maintain the hypervisor.

Its all a setup you will know soon, PS3 slim didnt have otheros when it launched was there piracy then?

Dont argue with me

DigitalAnalog2997d ago

How do you think Sony managed to support themselves knowing back then they were selling at a LOSS per console. That's right: SOFTWARE sales. Do you REALLY think a small profit in hardware sales can compensate for that?

-End statement

ndibu2997d ago

So Sony spent all that money and hindered jailbreak in Australia and are filing another suit in the US but they actually WANT this hack to flourish? lol lol lol. You're right, now that I say it that way, its a no brainer.
Lol, this is just sad.

CimmerianDrake2997d ago

So hey, since you can read people's minds and obviously work for Sony, tell me when the PS3 is set to launch, what games are going to be available at launch, and how much it costs.

Oh, and if you can't, THEN STFU BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW SH*T!!

I hate pseudo analysts who think they know the intimate details of a company when they don't know anything at all.

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bustamove2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? Why would Sony want their console hacked just to get more sales when this pirating could have a negative impact on software?

Don't be foolish.

Karooo2997d ago

new consoles will come in 2 years now, Sony held out this + blu ray will make the PS3 best console of all time

bustamove2997d ago


I support Sony and like my console a lot but what you're saying is completely crazy.

MysticStrummer2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

You can't be serious... right...?

Mmmkay2997d ago

another stupid cunt to ignore...

PopEmUp2997d ago

weed could damage your brain :P

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morganfell2997d ago

Giving these clowns a platform on a gaming site that pretends respectability is inexcusable.

Sony should insure that nowgamer is completely cutoff from any news or previews for Sony products. It is simple irresponsibility, idiocy, and added disrespect for game developers.

Screw you nowgamer.

Eamon2997d ago

Screw freedom. Hail cooporate giants!

morganfell2997d ago

You are confusing freedom with theft.

Fred-G-Sanford2997d ago

I think morganfell is more upset about this than Sony is. lol

Seriously, dude is in every jailbreak article spinning this story like his life depends on it. lol

morganfell2997d ago

Well Fred, let's make a deal. With every PS3 game that gets uploaded, you let someone put their hand in your pocket and take some of your money. But people like you are hypocrites because you only approve of such theft when you are not the one from whom people are stealing.

yewles12997d ago

"Screw freedom. Hail cooporate giants!"

I swear, the idiocy... -_-'

Bell Boy2997d ago

No one is FREE to steal..theft is theft.

Whether you remove the game directly from the store or are sat in your basement wetting your under crackers at how clever you are...You are still a common criminal.

lolzers2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I took Eamon saying 'Screw freedom. Hail cooporate giants!' as a response to Morganfell saying that Sony should punish them for reporting news, and it is pretty big news at the moment. I've seen major magazines interview pirates and people in the warez scene or whatever, and it's interesting to read. And also shows the other side to the story. I don't believe journalists should be silenced because they are talking to people corporations don't like.

So I took Eamons post as a point about journalistic freedom, not about freedom to pirate games.

Maybe I got it wrong, but if that's what he meant then I agree with him.

AnttiApina2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Morganfell: why are you always so upset about these jailbreak issues?
I can certainly understand the urge to comment on these matters, but I have to agree with Eamon.

Simply cutting down all the criticism in the industry isn't going to solve the problem.

The way you handle these issues is immature: Black and White.
Why do you only care about the piracy on PS3? What about the other platforms?

PC, PSP, DS, 360 or even Wii!

Is Sony the only thing you care about the world?

Well Sony certainly doesn't care about you, that's for sure.

Theft is still a theft. Pirating is wrong in my opinion, but that's just way we see the world. Not everyone sees the world like that.

Still I do not think that this will result in a huge amounts of piracy: Blu-ray sizes are so big that they just aren't worth a download for most piraters.

Wasn't this an argument back a some time ago? "Even if the PS3 could be hacked, they still have to download those huge Blu-Ray files"

morganfell2997d ago Show
lolzers2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

'Why do you care that I care. See how that works? It takes zero intellect to ask such a ridiculous question.'

A simple question only requires a simple answer. Why you couldn't just simply answer the questions is another matter. Instead you decide to go with this....

'After all your first concern should be the simple matter of your short circuited moral wiring.'

What does that even mean? You will obviously accuse him of not understanding your meaning, even if it's just a load of bollocks. He said he believed piracy was wrong, not quite sure how 'moral wiring' comes into this. Maybe you can preach the point in your next service.

'People such as yourself wonder and endlessly lament why the price of games increase and companies introduce online passes.'

Isn't that a reaction to second-hand sold games? I know for a fact it is. Piracy doesn't come into it, pirated games tend not to go online. They haven't for years.

'Utterly absurd.'

Your posts most certainly are.

'It won't result in large amounts of piracy? I agree. But I do not have degrees of wrong. That is the avenue of persons looking to justify their own ill gotten gains and questionable actions.'

Good grief, more utter bullshit. There is no meaning to this at all. Just a case of 'I'm right, you're wrong' with some random wording to make it look good.

'If you are so mentally devoid of any cognitive reasoning that and cannot comprehend why it matters then you are indeed the one with the maturity deficiency.'

I think you're the guy with the maturity deficiency, you can't answer a question with a solid answer. Are you a politician?

'If you can't understand then I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain'

You certainly haven't so far.

'it as nothing will serve as an epiphany to those that are utterly incapable of realizing such a clear cut and resolute truth. '

My God, you have the argumentive skills of a suicide bomber.

In all that text I see no answers to what AnttiApina asked you. Not one. Some people might be impressed with the fancy, and totally unnecessary, words you chose to use. Personally all I saw was a load of gibberish, made to look as if you knew what you were talking about. But you don't. At all.

Trolls have better vocabulary than you do.

Fred-G-Sanford2997d ago

morganfell, the only reason that you are upset over this is because of your unhealthy obsession with the Playstation brand.

Your life seems to be spent defending everything Sony, and it honestly makes me question your mental health.

I'm not trying to be mean, it's just that I have seen you do this for literally years around here.

It might be time to take a break, bro. lol

lolzers2997d ago

I think Morgan's a mole sent by Sony to investigate and blend in with the N4G crowd. Only trouble is that he's doing a shit job. Lol.

Maybe he only started learning English a few years ago, which would explain a lot. I'm not sure, and I care even less really.

God bless you Morgan, you complete mentalist.


Kakkoii2997d ago


Let's make something clear:
Theft is the act of stealing something from someone. Committing an act that robs a person of something.

When you pirate something, nobody else knows you did this, because you have not taken any money or anything from anyone. It would be the same as having one of those replicators from Star Trek replicate you a designer handbag. Is it the same handbag physically? Yes. But was it taken from anyone, or made the store that makes the real ones loose money? No. Because with out the replicator, you most likely never would have payed money for the real one anyway, either because you can't afford it, or you don't care about it enough that you feel it's worth spending money on.

So Digital Piracy is not technically theft. Does that make it ok for everyone? No. If you truly have the money to spend on all the games you want, you have no excuse to pirate. But if you're on a very limited budget, and so you buy some games and pirate others, that's fine. You don't have the money to be buying them all. And as a game designer I would be fine with that. Because whether the person paid or not, at least that's one more person who was interested in my game, played it and hopefully liked it. There's truly nothing you can do to make these people pay other than changing how our society works and employs people. And If you're a game designer who only cares about making money, then you are a sad person and shouldn't be in this industry, or perhaps go join Activision.

Music piracy is incredibly rampant, yet has the music industry died? F*ck no, it's stronger than ever. It's merely adapted to the new way we consume music. Almost everyone pirates music now, and then if they find a band/artist they really like, they usually buy their album, or attend their concerts (concerts being where artists make most of their money anyways, record labels rob them on song sales).

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Karlnag32997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I thought it was an interesting read. Interesting to see the crap they come out with about homebrew being no.1 priority and, fair enough; maybe it is. But try to tell me that piracy isn't too far down on that list and I'll call you a liar. I like the guys at Nowgamer, though. They're nice people. Also I don't see how they're in the wrong. They wrote an article that tried to cover both sides of the story. They couldn't get a word from Sony but they tried. They are a gaming news site and, unfortunately, this is in the news right now. Maybe you could cut yourself off from the internet for a month or so to save whatever remains of your sanity.

fastrez2997d ago

Three cheers for journalistic integrity mate, very well said!

Anyone who seriously believes Nowgamer is condoning piracy needs their head checked.

MysticStrummer2997d ago

There's nothing to spin Fred. Theft is theft, no matter what the platform is.

commodore642997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Morganfell is having a minor meltdown.
The effects of the jailbreak hack are far-reaching, indeed.

Have a couple of days off, morganfell.
You'll be right as rain again in no time.

Sony will be ok, I promise.

morganfell2997d ago

"A simple question only requires a simple answer. Why you couldn't just simply answer the questions is another matter. Instead you decide to go with this...."

There are simple questions and then there are questions asked by a simpleton. You and your friend fall into the latter category. A question from a simpleton doesn't deserve an answer and that is the matter here. Not require but rather deserve.

"What does that even mean? You will obviously accuse him of not understanding your meaning, even if it's just a load of bollocks. He said he believed piracy was wrong, not quite sure how 'moral wiring' comes into this. Maybe you can preach the point in your next service."

Thanks for proving my point. Jailbreak boils down, at it's core, to theft. If you can't comprehend the right and wrong of a issue as simple as theft how can you expect to understand the more complicated moral issues you are crying to have interpreted?

"Isn't that a reaction to second-hand sold games? I know for a fact it is. Piracy doesn't come into it, pirated games tend not to go online. They haven't for years."

Are you honestly so simple (there is that word again) so simple that you believe there is a single issue at the heart of this matter? Apparently.

"Your posts most certainly are."

I just read two of your most recent ones where you attacked the same person twice for not sharing your point of view. As you are doing here. People that live in glass houses...

"Good grief, more utter bullshit. There is no meaning to this at all. Just a case of 'I'm right, you're wrong' with some random wording to make it look good."

What's the matter, not morally flimsy enough to allow you to feel good about some things such as illegal movie and game downloads all the while complaining your government is stealing your money? You reek of someone that loves to pick your violations instead of having the spine to say this is right and that is wrong. I love shades of gray sissies like you. No backbone or direction.

"I think you're the guy with the maturity deficiency, you can't answer a question with a solid answer. Are you a politician?"

I answer a good question when I hear one. But asking why I do not like to have money stolen out of my pocket is so basic in it's answer that the sheer idiocy of asking is matched only by the stupidity of defending those that can't comprehend the indecency and illegitimacy of such an action.

"You certainly haven't so far."

See multiple entries above. In fact for the rest of your trolling, and that is what your response was ever so much more than mine, see above. You might want to ply yourself long nights with something that provides a better moral compass than what satisfies your belly. Your actiuons are so base that anything above the brain stem is proving to be for you, most elusive.

AnttiApina2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Well that certainly was a deep answer. I appreciate your answers even when I disagree with some of them.

Simply calling people as fools or simpletons in my honest opinion is pretty arrogant of you.

If you want to continue this fight, then I am fine with it.
However, I do not have the strength nor the will to write long messages after another.

Still my message wasn't about the jailbreak alone: It was also about you. You see I was concerned about you in a weird way.

The way you speak about Sony, PS3 and others.It's unhealthy in a way, in my honest opinion. You said that NowGamer should remain out of Sony's press picture, because of articles like these.

Don't you see: You are obsessed with Sony and PS3 so far that you deny these kinds of objectionalistic articles.

Still you write great texts, unlike the most of the members here, but please remain from bashing others because of their perspectives. It's only going to make a fool out of yourself.

2997d ago
fastrez2997d ago

NowGamer isn't condoning piracy you idiot. it's called objective journalism; everyone has to have their right to speak their mind even if they are pirates who ruin the games industry.

I'm not condoning piracy in any way, but what you're doing right now is shooting the messenger and jumping the gun horribly.

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jack_burt0n2997d ago

What a total load of shi*e article, its about piracy nothing else.

The ps3 with linux had emulation so that doesn't count and the demoscene had some paid backing by sony.

Most multimillion dollar companies cant get their heads round EIB, cell and if u do know your way round it get paid a fortune making games, Not making worthless homebrew lol